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Averil Evelyn Luo

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Hello. I am Teacher Avi. I am 31 years old. I have been teaching for the past 11 years. I am from Singapore and Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue. English is my first language.

I love to teach Chinese Language.

Learning another foreign language, especially Chinese, can be challenging but also very rewarding and exciting. I know the difficulties in learning a new language as I have many years of experience with students from all over the world. I provide a positive and safe environment for you to learn. You can set your mind at ease.

I will know your strengths and weakness (everyone is different), and design a fun, relaxed learning plan specifically for your abilities and your needs.

Let's learn together!

My Qualification and experience:
1. Graduated from Nanyang Technological University

2. Advanced certificate in teaching Mandarin

* Experienced teaching all ages and all levels.

* Students from Germany, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore

* Founded and currently operate a Language Learning School in Singapore.

* Developed teaching plans (speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing) for adults and businesses.

* Preparing for an upcoming language test? (HSK, etc) - I can help. I have all the materials you need to prepare and excel in your Mandarin exams.

Teaching Style and approach:
* Picture to language - Chinese is a pictorial language. You will learn about the pictures behind the characters

* Exemplified - illustrated with many examples for grammar and sentences

* Flexible- Your time is important. You choose the most convenient class time.

* Affordable- Try before you buy! Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with our lessons together, a full refund will be given.

* Professional- Would you want to learn basic conversation? Travel related Chinese? Cooking related? Business Chinese? I have extensive experience teaching in all of these areas

Picture to language • Exemplifed • Affordable • Flexible • Professional

We can use my library of proven and interesting materials or we can use any materials, books or test materials that you prefer.

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2017 - 2017
Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment
Institute of adult learning - SIngapore
Teaching adults how to learn