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Iman Eltater

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I'm Iman, my native language is Arabic, from Gaza Palestine 🇵🇸, I have a strong voice, correct sound of letters that able me to do a great job, I'm an engineer and I'm Studying Arabic language, Alhamdulillah I memorize Holy Quran, have two courses in Tajweed, excellent grade.
📖🖋For reading and Writing Skills📖🖋
If you want to read, write, speak any word in Arabic, the solution with me INSHALLAH, I will teach you a special rule to read, write any word in 1 month at max.
🤔For conversation🤔
I'll teach you many topics, suppose we want to talk about market. I'll talk about markets on Gaza and you we'll tell me about the market on ur country and so one, every lecture we'll talk about a new topic and we'll use the images from internet or videos to show the idea.
🧕🧕Some Notes Fro Muslims 🧕🧕
**** If you have Kids 4 years, I can teach them reading Quran, I'll help them to memorize some swar.
**** I can teach Stories in Quran.
**** We'll focus on islamic idioms.
**** I can teach you Tajweed.
❓❓❓Do you live in Gulf (Dubai, Bahrain, etc)❓❓❓
I can help you to deal with people, and I can help your Kids in there school(Arabic, Social Studies, Islamic Studies)
1. We'll use online Apps like Skype, and I trust, you'll like our lectures.
2. I use screenShare,PowerPoint, Videos, Images,.....
3. I have a plan to read Arabic, to understand Arabic.
4. I suggest 3 hours in a week or as you like.
5. I teach kids, adults, girls, boys, I can deal with all ages.
6. I deal with students in many countries USA, UK, Pakistan, Austerlia..
7. I can work more than 40 hour weekly (all days without any off days)
 Don't worry about the price, it is negotiable.
 I’ll record the lectures for you to practice after it.
 I’ll show you some videos when I explain to my students.
 I’ll show my profile on the other websites and some of previous lectures.
 I have use more than book to teach you in the best way.

Alhamdulillah from my start until now all my students like my lectures, I teach more than 100 student individually.

- Finally, I promise you, with me inshAllah you'll read, write any word in Arabic in 3 - 4 weeks at max.

If you choose me, I trust you will see an amazing work.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Best Regards

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2006 - 2011
Quran, Tajweed Teacher
Massjed - Palestine
Teaching Quran and Tajweed for Kids and Women
2014 - 0
Arabic, Islamic , Social Studies teacher
Online - UAE, Bahrain
Help Students
2014 - 0
Palestinian dialect
Online - USA, UK, UAE
Teaching Quran, Arabic , Teajweed
2014 - 0
Arabic, Quran Teacher
Online - USA, UK, UAE
Teaching Quran, Arabic , Teajweed


2006 - 2011
Computer engineer
Islamic University - Palestine
2016 - 0
Arabic Teacher
Islamic University - Palestine