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Elena Osadchaia

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اللغة الروسية
اللغة الروسية


اللغة الروسية
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Why is learning Russian with me your best choice?

1. I always have positive and fresh energy. So you will be inspired and full of energy as well after all my lessons.
2. You will never be bored in our classes, because there are a) no complicated rules for cramming, b) no banal dialogues from old schoolbooks. Russian is not boring. Russian is fun! I’m ready to prove it!
3. I know how to explain every topic.
4. My knowledge is consequent, logical and well structured. So no mess in your head. Let me lay it all out for you.
5. I have no all-purpose identical solutions for everybody. Every theme is prepared for every single person and his or her requests.
6. I’m an explorer by nature, that’s why I search for new materials and unusual ways of giving information all the time.
7. I like to watch the light in my student’s eyes because of learning something new. The teaching, the tutoring, the training are one hundred percent within my sphere.
8. I have a wealth of experience in journalism. I know how to use the Russian language at a professional level and what is more important, I know how to do it right with consideration of all details.
9. I have lived in various countries and have become acquainted with the cultures of these countries with my own eyes. And I’m always open to cultural exchange. So let’s share with each other what we like in our languages and cultures!
10. I’ll discover new borders of Russian from unexpected side for you. You’ll learn how Russians actually speak and why.
11. I’m openhearted, friendly, communicable, tactful and an interesting partner in conversation.
12. I love the Russian language with all my tenderness and adoration. I feel it very sensitively, I know how to use it and value it’s beauty. Shouldn’t person like me teach Russian?

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2003 - 2008
Saint-Petersburg State University - Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Applied Informatics in Sociology

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2017 - 0
Russian Language instructor
Self-employed - USA
online teaching and tutoring of English speaking students


2017 - 2017
Modern methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language focused on effective skills for face to face and online education
RSL methodology and educational center "Vdohnovite!" - Moscow, Russia