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Nessma Hassan

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Hello مرحبا,

I am Nessma from Egypt, an online Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian dialect, and Quran tutor. I am here to help you achieve your goal and reach your objectives for learning Arabic whether it was speaking the language, learning how to read or write, preparing for your next interview in that Arab country, getting ready for your next trip to the Middle East, or whatever your personal reason is. Together we will tailor a curriculum that suits your objectives and makes you reach them in a short space of time efficiently.

I have a B.A in English language, Arabic and Turkish from faculty of Al-Alsun (languages), Ain Shams university. Helping people learn Arabic has always been a passion for me as I've been helping my foreign friends for years learning the languages and eventually I decided to take it into a professional level since 2018.

I can teach you to read Arabic in 7 hours as I start with the alphabet and their harakat ( Arabic vowels ). I teach Arabic grammar and how to structure sentences in Arabic. If your goal is speaking the language or the Egyptian dialect, I can help you through learning structured sentences, vocab, and idioms using interactive approaches so you can speak it in a short space of time.

For those who want to learn Quran, I teach tajweed rules in fluent English from scratch and teach you how to apply them in your recitation so you can read Quran with no mistakes. I also teach kids tawheed and Islamic teachings and stories of the prophets.

I'd be glad to have you as my student. We'd learn in a fun, easy way one of the best and most spoken languages of the world, Arabic !

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2018 - 2019
International Handball Federation - Giza
2017 - 2018
English instructor
MBA - Giza
Teaching English language to teenagers and adults
2013 - 2017
B.A in English
Al-Alsun faculty for languages, Ain Shams University - Cairo, Egypt
English linguistics, Literature, Translation, and Writing
2018 - 0
An online Arabic and Quran tutor
The Quran courses online institute, Preply, and Qutor