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Minnie (Five years experience/Mandarin&Cantonese)

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☑Native Chinese speaker (Mandarin and Cantonese)
☑ 6 years oonline teaching experience & 3 years teaching experience in Guangzhou
☑A professional Chinese teacher with the Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
☑Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Chinese Teacher & Standard Chinese Proficiency Test certificate.
☑ Patient,fridenly,passional,efficient

Dà jiā hǎo ! I am a native Chinese from Guangdong province .And my major is Teaching Chinese as a foreign language.I have rich experience for Children and Adult. Now I am teaching standard Mandarin and Cantonese in Guangzhou.I love my job! I get so much sense of accomplishment from being a Chinese teacher!! I regard my students as my best friends,and I love encouraging them speak as much Chinese as they can during the class. I will do my best to make lessons interesting and enjoyable!!

【What can I offer】

☑Customized Mandarin Course(elementary, intermediate and advanced level.
Specific materials provided based on your level.(Please tell me your study plan and goals before class)

☑Spoken Mandarin Course(Intermediate or advanced students)
This course focus on improving your Chinese listening and speaking skill by interesting discussion.

☑Business Mandarin course
For business people who are going to work or do business in China.

☑Kids Mandarin Course(5-14 years old kids)
I will choose some picture /Chinese songs and stories to teach them,make them interested in Chinese.

☑Spoken Cantonese course(Intermediate or advanced students)
I will choose some topics to communicate with you and correct your accent,learn new words and some grammar.

【What do you need to do】
Before class:Please let me know your needs and goals.Let's make the best study plan together!
In class:You need to listen carefully and take notes (although I will also write notes to you in Class), but your notes are the most helpful!
After class:You need to review it, sometimes you need to do your homework, review can help you make greater progress!

【Change times and cancel classes】
If you need to change the time and cancel the course, please inform the teacher 12 hours in advance. Otherwise, 100% fees will be charged as planned.

Learning a language is a very interesting thing. What's the more interesting is the exchange of different cultures! So come and learn Chinese with me! I'm waiting for you!!

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2012 - 2016
Bachelor of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Zhaoqing University - Guangdong,China
Focus on teaching foreigners Chinese

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2017 - 2017
Chinese teacher
King Languages &Culture Institute - Guangdong,China
Most of my students are from different levels.I am responsible for teaching Kids Chinese / HSK Training / Daily Chinese.
2015 - 2016
Chinese teacher
Vietnam National University - Vietnam
Teach freshmen and sophomores Chinese, including listening and speaking, reading and comprehensive courses.
2013 - 2015
Chinese teacher- online teaching experience
TIANZIGE - Guangdong,China
One-on-one online teaching.Most of my students are ages 5-14.
2018 - 0
Chinese teacher
Linguang Language Institute - Guangdong,China
Most of my students are businessman who want to learn Business Chinese or Daily Chinese.


2016 - 2016
Standard Chinese Proficiency Test certificate.
State Language Commission - Guangdong,China
standard mandarin certificate
2012 - 2016
Graduation Certificate
Zhaoqing University - Guangdong,China
Graduation Certificate of Zhaoqing University
2016 - 2016
Qualification Certificate For Senior High School Chinese Teacher
ZhaoQing Education bureau - Guangdong,China
Senior teacher qualification
2015 - 2015
College English Test-6
The ministry of education higher education department - Guangdong,China
College English Test-6
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