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Hola amig@s:

I am from Spain and I have been teaching Spanish as a Second Language since I finished my Bachelor´s Degree in English Language Teaching (4 years ago).
While I was at University, I took a gap year to live in England and I realized I wanted to continue living abroad once I finished my studies.
Once I graduated from I moved to Utah,the USA to work as a Spanish Teacher in two Elementary Schools while doing Skype lessons in the afternoons/evenings. Those two years were crucial for my career as a teacher because I enjoyed teaching my mother tongue and my culture so much that I wanted to continue travelling and teaching Spanish in different countries.

The next step in my life was Sydney, Australia. The place I had always wanted to live which brought me great experiences as well and where I was able to teach Spanish in the Centre of the city.

After living almost a year in Australia, I decided to come back to Europe, to London where I currently work as a teacher as well combining it with my Skype Spanish lessons.

In 2016, I started teaching Spanish via Skype as an experiment but I quickly realized that it is an alternative way to the traditional lessons.

One of the things I enjoy most while teaching is the possibility to meet different people from all over the world, with different hobbies and ways of thinking.
If you decide to take lessons with me, I am sure we will have much fun while learning because to make my students have fun in my lessons is my main aim.

The structure and methodology are the same as traditional lessons where we will work on the 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) but focusing on listening and speaking.

Before start our lessons, I will send you an assessment test and in our trial lesson I will test your speaking and we will set our goals and we will design our future lessons.

I like to use Aula International for my lessons but I also have extra material that you won´t need to buy.
If you are taking an specific exam such as DELE or GCSE , we will focus on the test you are taking.

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2010 - 2015
Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching
Universidad de Valladolid - Soria, Spain
Focus in English Language Teaching for Primary Education
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