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Hi! My name is Sveta. I'm a certified, experienced Russian language teacher with an MA-equivalent degree in applied Linguistics for Language Teaching.
Whether you want to begin learning Russian, improve your speaking skills, understand the structure of the language or clarify some grammar points, I'd love to help you and share my knowledge with you! I specialize both in general and business Russian.
A few words about my approach:
* Firstly, we'll define and set your actionable goals in the language; determine your motivation and core resource that will inspire and stimulate you to get where you want in the language learning.
* We'll make up a plan and types of activities that will work for you.
* No useless exercises, only useful and interesting practice in accordance with your needs!
* I give you the tools that you can practice in-between classes.
* As a practical psychologist and a coach I know how to work with the language barrier and help you build your confidence when expressing yourself in Russian and actually enjoy speaking Russian!
* Even impeccable language is not enough for effective cross-cultural communication. That's why at our classes I devote time to explaining important cultural features, hidden rules of communication, mindset of Russian citizens.
* My teaching style is very flexible but at the same time structured.

On my part I try to do my best to help you achive your language goals!
I also hope I'll make you laugh and smile during our sessions ;)

→ Обучение начнём с определения конкретной цели и глубинной мотивации, которые будут вдохновлять в течение занятий и стимулировать к достижению результатов.
→ Определим языковой профиль – сильные и слабые стороны в языке. Построим максимально эффективный и интересный путь к результату.
→ Максимум практики и тренировки необходимых навыков для продуктивного общения.
→ Никакой зубрёжки и бесполезных упражнений, только материал, который по-настоящему актуален, нужен и интересен конкретно Вам!
→ Как психолог, я работаю с языковым барьером студентов, с уверенностью в выражении себя на неродном языке.
→ Для эффективного общения недостаточно только знания языка. Необходимо знать культурные особенности, менталитет представителей страны. Поэтому я обязательно уделяю время на занятиях вопросам межкультурной компетенции.

С готовностью поделюсь своим опытом! Обращайтесь ;)

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2006 - 2011
MA-equivalent applied Linguistics for Language Teaching
Moscow State Regional University - Moscow
Theory and practice of language teaching
2016 - 0
Qualification in Practical psychology
Lomonosov Moscow State University - Moscow
Practical psychology and coaching in Interpersonal Communication and Business

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2008 - 0
English Language Teacher
English teacher to adults for business and general English.
2012 - 0
Teacher of Russian as a foreign language, English Language Teacher & Consultant
Private Language Training Centre - Moscow
Teaching Russian and English to adults for business and general needs. Helping business professionals communicate effectively with international colleagues


2015 - 2015
The course of "Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (RAF)"
International Centre of Russian Language - Moscow

دروس خصوصية

60 minutes