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Hello there,

My name is Charlie and I am from Manchester, England. I have spent many years outside England in various European countries, the Middle East, such as, Dubai, Iran, Qatar and several East Asian countries too. I have been living in Japan for the past ten year. I studied Marine Biology at Bangor University before moving to Japan in 2008. My passion for Japanese anime and manga (One Piece「ワンピース」 (my favorite of all), Ghost in the Shell 「攻殻機動隊」, Cowboy Bebop「カウボーイビバップ」, Dragon Ball, Evangelion, Captain Tsubasa & many more…), the Japanese language, the wonderful people of Japan, the scrumptious, and Japanese history and technology is what led me to this amazing country. I LOVE traveling and have thus far, traveled to thirty countries and there are so many more places that are on my bucket list. Do you like traveling? What are some of your favorite places you would like to like to visit? By looking and my profile you can see I ABSOLUTELY love learning languages.

Over the past ten years of teaching in various countries, I have gained a considerable amount of skills in teaching and it is always super fun. I also took the CELTA in 2013, a demanding but extremely rewarding course created by Cambridge University. I teach English to a wide range of people, my youngest, an eighteen-month-old and my oldest at the moment is seventy-eight. I teach TOEIC, TOFEL, IELTS, Eiken, Jido Eiken, general conversation, business English, travel English, I will help you express your opinion in English more fluently and naturally. As all students have slightly different requests and needs, I will tailor-make your lesson to meet your requirements. Regardless of your English level, it's already super! It's already great! There is no such thing a "My English is bad or not good". If you can say "Hello.", in English, that's awesome! If you can say "Hello.", and the phrase "Nice to meet you", in English, that's awesome too! The key to remember is, always have fun and that you get better every day at whatever pace you want and are comfortable. Always remember, whatever your goal, I am here for you. YOUR GOALS are my goals:).

In my free time, I enjoy lots of activities such as scuba diving, drawing especially drawing and creating my own stories for comic books. I also enjoy sports (basketball and rugby), movies, TV shows & music, reading comic books, video games (occasionally), photography, vlogging, Instagramming, calligraphy, cooking, and dining out.

Oh, by the way, here are some of my favorite Japanese words; 絆 (kizuna) the deep bond between friends, family, and all humans. 改善 (kaizen), meaning improvement, betterment. オタマジャクシ (otamajyakushi), meaning tadpole (I just love the sound and I think it's a funny word). 同義語 (dougigo), meaning synonyms. 同音異義語 (douon igi-go), meaning homophones. トリケラトプス (torikeratopusu), meaning triceratops (again, I just love the sound and I think it's a fun word to say). ホオジロザメ(hōjirozame), meaning great white shark, the coolest most predatory fish in the ocean.

I look forward to teaching you English and hope to see you soon.

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2013 - 2013
New Zealand Language School - New Zealand
CELTA: Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
2005 - 2008
BSc - Marine Biology
Bangor University - Bangor, UK
Shark Conservation, Awareness, & Education. Fish Farming & Sustainable seafood
2002 - 2003
International Diploma (Math & Science)
American - English School - Tehran, Iran

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2008 - 2015
Head Teacher
Marshall English School - Tokyo, Japan
I taught a wide range of EFL lessons, including general conversation, travel English, business English, Ielts, TOEIC TOEFL, Eiken, Jido Eiken, and kids lessons.