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Klara Johansson

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اللغة السويدية
اللغة السويدية


اللغة السويدية


Hej, hejsan, tjenare! Vad roligt att du vill lära dig svenska tillsammans!
As long as you have the will, I will try my best to take care of the rest, sounds good? Okej, då kör vi!
My name is Klara I'm a 23 year old dancing traveller with a passion for teaching. My native language is swedish, I'm fluent in english and right now I am learning Spanish as well so I know how you feel in this process. I have worked with teaching in different ways since I was 14 years old. Two years ago I started working at a bilingual preeschool, english/swedish, I also studied a course in pedagogy at the University where I learned abput theories of learning and education. Although my last and most enriching experience was when I had an internship as academic assistant in a NGO, which provides english classes and social support for kids and their moms in an impoverished community, in Peru. There i was introducing and guiding the volunteers who held the english classes, developed their preeschool program and I was also teaching the English classes for the moms.

In our classes here you will get to learn Swedish the useful way instead of the traditional way. Since my personal experience of language have mostly been through travelling I naturally focus on the themes and way of speaking that is useful when communicating, for you to be able to actually use your new swedish skills as soon as possible! Depending on you personal goals with learning Swedish we will form the classes so they suit your learning motive as well as level. My belief is that everyone one can learn and that the most important ingredient for learning is motivation. Also i think it's possible to learn any language without using the translating language, with that said, of course, if you speak English or Spanish we can for sure use it as a resource to clearify and ask questions. And yes even though I'm the teacher I always use "we" since I think classes is a team work between everyone in the class, since everyone has different ways of learning there's never just one way of teaching. So are you ready? Let's go! Vamos! Nu kör vi!

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2017 - 2018
Pedagogy 1
Lunds Universitet - Lund, Sweden
Education: Understanding learning

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2018 - 2018
Internship as academic assistant
NGO, HOOP-Helping Overcome Obstacles Peru - Arequipa, Peru
NGO that mainly provides english classes for children in the age of 4-18 years old and to their parents, as well as other support and workshops. My role: Introduce new teachers, guide and support them with feedback and activities during their stay, in charge of the English classes for the moms, developed the preschool program
2016 - 2017
Teacher assistant
The English preschool "Engelska förskolan, Norr" - Stockholm, Sweden
Worked as a substitute and then teacher at a bilingual preschool in Sweden.