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David Green

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Hello my name is David from America!

Is grammar difficult for you?

Maybe you just want to talk more freely?

Maybe you're a professional who works in IT or management who needs to improve their English( I have experience in these fields I've been a production manager in factory the past 3 years )

Well I have a TEFL certificate and 2 years experience helping with these problems. I am also about to finish my degree in Computer Engineering. I have been learning Russian for the past 2 years as a new language and I understand how hard it can be to learn a new language and continue to improve. This is why I want to help you with English. I love to see others improve and finally understand some difficult grammar and use it or just have a nice conversation for the first time and talk freely...something I think we all want. Through learning Russian I have gained lots of experience helping others with their English problems by conversation practice and also explaining grammar. To better help others with English I have also taken a accredited TEFL course so I am certified to teach.

You might be thinking how can I improve? Well it depends on want you want to improve. Fun an interesting is the goal of my lessons because who wants to learn a new language when its superrr boring! Since I have had a lot of experience talking to and helping non native English speakers I know how to talk so you can understand me at your level and also learn from me. Before we start doing lessons we can discuss the areas where you have problems. I will design the lessons specifically for your needs. Want to speak more freely? We will have lessons that include a lot of speaking practice through normal conversation and role plays. Having trouble with grammar? We will practice what is difficult with me explaining it for you then doing interesting exercises to practice. Need to write a paper, memo, or email? We can practice this also. In My lessons I will try to include video, audio and interesting topics to make things more entertaining.

I have a lot interests which include
playing the violin
riding mountain bikes
many more things

We should never get bored talking so sign up for one of my lessons now and we can get started on improving your English so you can start speaking much better.

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American English

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2015 - 0
B.S. Computer Engineering
Purdue University - Indiana,U.S.A.

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2015 - 2018
Production manager
PSP Stone - Indiana, U.S.A
In charge of planning all aspects of production in factory. Required skills included planing of all activities, quality control assessment, ability to communicate effectively with workers of which all were non-native English speakers


2018 - 2018
100 hour professional TEFL Certificate
Bridge - CO,U.S.A.
100 hour professional and accredited certificate focusing on all aspects of teaching English including a large section on teaching grammar