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Abdelwahhab Al Bakri

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اللغة العربية
اللغة العربية


اللغة العربية
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!مرحبا بكم

My name is Abdelwahhab Albakri (people usually call me Aboud) , I'm a Jordanian currently studying in France, and I have a passion for my native language: Arabic!

My teaching method is derived from a belief I have about languages: A language cannot simply be taught, it needs to be experienced. With every language comes a unique and powerful experience, whether its with the complexity of its grammar, the depth of its vocabulary, or the beauty of its writing. A language is interconnected with several other factors like people, culture, history and more. So with me, you won't be learning a language, you'll be experiencing it. With every grammar rule you learn, every word you memorize, and every phrase you successfully read or write, I'll help you experience its roots, and the weight it holds. You won't only learn the language, you'll also love it. That's where my passion for teaching my language comes from.

I'll have several video sessions scheduled, but none of the video sessions will feel the same ( not even repetitive.) They'll all have a different style, and each one will be teaching you a new but essential component of the language, in a unique style that differs from the other sessions. I'll also be providing you with complete study guides and evaluation sheets, so you can work on the language in your free time. I'll be giving you songs to listen to, videos to watch, and articles to read. Arabic will never bore you if I'm teaching it!

Growing up, I was taught an international curriculum with English as the official language of all my subjects. However, I was genuinely interested in studying Arabic, so I signed up for several in-school and out of school Arabic courses to enhance my language. In college, I decided to provide my fellow college students with private tutoring classes in Arabic, seeing that, as a college student myself, I would understand the challenges and difficulties they face with the language.

I've taken and passed advanced national Arabic Tests in Amman, Jordan. I've also taken Arabic ICGSE's in high school, along with C1 and C2 Arabic certificates from the University of SciencesPo in Menton, France.

If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to ask!!

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Current B.A Political Science Student
Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton - Menton, France
A BA in Political Science with a focus on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Politics and History

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2016 - 2018
Private Tutor
Private Tutoring - Menton, France
Gave private tutoring lessons for two years in Arabic. Tutored college students and understood their concerns and difficulties with the language.


2017 - 2018
Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Menton - Menton, France
Transcripts showing that I successfully completed the C2 Arabic course