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Hello, I am a Chinese teacher at a Chinese language school in Poland now. I'm good at teaching Chinese speaking (standard without an accent) and writing. Thanks to my education background and working experience in finance and economics, I also teach economic and business Chinese. Additionally, as I obtained a national guide license in China, I can also share my knowledge of travel, food, and Chinese culture with those who are interested in these fields. What's more, I can help you obtain a good score if you will attend some Chinese exams like HSK.

I can speak fluent English because I studied at the London School of Economics (UK) for two years and obtained my master's degree there. I also learned French as a hobby for one year. Whether you have studied Chinese or not, as long as you are interested in Chinese and Chinese culture, I would love to meet you, teach you and talk with you. Based on your Chinese level and learning intent, I may use different textbooks and teaching methods. I believe I can help you improve your Chinese level, and know China deeper and better:)

The courses I provide:
1. Standard Chinese: suitable for beginners to advanced students who have enough time a long term learning plan on Chinese learning or need to attend a Chinese exam and obtain the certificate. I will provide textbooks and workbooks based on HSK 1-6. The content covers all aspects of Chinese, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. Business Chinese: suitable for beginners to advanced students who need to use Chinese in the work or want to establish their business in China or corporate with Chinese Companies. I provide two kinds of the textbook for this course based on students' learning interests and the Chinese level. The content covers more vocabulary, topics and culture knowledge of the business.

3. Spoken Chinese: suitable for beginners to advanced students who want to improve speaking and communication skills in the short term. I will provide textbooks based on the students' Chinese level. The content focuses more on speaking and conversation exercises.

4.Children standard Chinese: suitable for beginners to advanced students who are kids or teenagers. I structure the course based on the textbook: Easy steps to Chinese(level 1-8), and Easy steps to Chinese for kids(level 1-4).

5. Travel Chinese: suitable for beginners who plan to go to China for travel and want to know basic communication sentences according to the traveling topics like greeting, apologize, exchange currency, rent a car, ask the way to somewhere, and etc. We'll use a special textbook and workbook to improve your Chinese in the short term.

Tips: Based on the special requirements and learning the purpose of each student, we can choose a different type of course or combine some of them.

I kindly invite you to contact me or book my trial lesson, so that we can know each other better and make a customized learning plan together:)

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2014 - 2017
Master in Finance
University of International Business and Economics - Beijing, China
2010 - 2012
Master in Decision Sciences
London School of Economics and Political Sciences - London, UK

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Chinese teacher
Mind school - Warsaw
Provide Chinese lessons for kids, teenagers and adults
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Chinese tutor
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