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We are all caught up in a world-wide healthcare emergency involving the Coronavirus. Around the globe, a huge number of schools and universities have prudently closed. This makes the availability of online educational courses more important than ever. Consequently, I am immediately suspending all fees for all English language courses which I teach. This will remain in effect indefinitely until such time as this crisis passes.

Furthermore, I am instituting a new English course, "Covid-19 English Vocabulary". These 15-minute conversational lessons will introduce various words and phrases which you may encounter as you study the current crisis. My intent is to help you become as well-informed as possible as you deal with this international emergency. Please message me through this website if you have an interest.

Teaching Philosophy:
"You cannot teach a man anything, You can only help him find it within himself." Galileo Galilei 1564 - 1642

Of course, teaching involves the conveyance of technical knowledge. However, It is my primary task as a teacher to enable my students ... to empower them to achieve at their very best possible level.

I am a retired military pilot with an extensive background in education, to include a BA degree in English Education from the University of Michigan and subsequent related graduate work in linguistics and reading remediation. I am also TESOL/TEFL certified (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). However, I believe it is my actual teaching experience that well-qualifies me for such a position.

In particular, following the Vietnam war, I left the military for six years to teach middle and high school remedial reading and English on the Northern Navajo Reservation in Arizona (before returning to my career in military aviation). I was formally certified in Arizona to teach both Reading and English. I suspect that this experience (teaching remedial reading to indigenous students whose primary language was not English) may prove especially useful to you.

I should also note that, as an Army Officer and former combat helicopter pilot, I was the lead editor of the Army's Aviation Officer's Advance Course. Among other duties, this involved developing course-ware designed to enhance the writing skills of young foreign officer pilots who were not native English speakers.

Finally, for the past five years, I have been the program director and principal tutor in an adult literacy program conducted in a local community library.

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1964 - 1969
BA English Education
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Focus on the teaching of English

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