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Hello everyone, My name is Clover Tao, you can call me Clover or Tao laoshi. I am a native Chinese speaker. I have been teaching Chinese to second language speakers for several years. I have taught in China and overseas. I worked as a Chinese assistant in Australia for one year. My students come across different levels and around the world. I have a master degree in applied linguistics which focus on language teaching. I am good at communicative language teaching and conversational class. In my class, you will be the center of our class and I am your facilitator, so you can decide the pace and content that you need.
I am a fun-loving and easy-going person as well as an excellent storyteller. If you decide to learn Chinese with me, I believe you will learn more than this language!

I am form northern China, so my pronunciation and accent are pretty good. I am a literature lover. In my spare time, I like cycling, playing badminton and reading novels, especially like culture and history. What about you? Could you tell me your story in Chinese!
If you are looking for a Chinese tutor, please feel free to send me a message or book a lesson. I look forward to seeing you soon!
If you wanna know more about China's culture, please follow me on my website:

Hello大家好,我是陶老师。我来自中国山东省,我教汉语八年了。我也在澳大利亚的中小学工作过一年,我很擅长对话教学。我会根据学生的学习程度制定特定的学习计划,根据你想学的内容,来制定适合你的教案或者音频、Power Point等上课材料来满足你的需求。上课之前我会把这些材料发送给你。我的课堂是轻松有趣又充满了欢乐的,并且能学到很多的知识。下课后,我可以随时解答你的问题,我希望我的学生是友好的,积极的,期待早一点见到你哦!

Types of my class:
💛Conversational Class (conversation practice based on some topics)
🖤HSK 标准汉语教程 (follow a textbook to consolidate your knowledge in Chinese)
💖Chinese Literature Class (learn Chinese idioms, colloquail idioms, mythology, poetry, culture etc.)
💗Customized Chinese Class (Learn whatever you want to learn, and you have your own learning goals and need a teacher to help you)

❗⚠️CANCELLATION POLICIES: 1) For some reasons, you miss the lesson without advanced notice or didn’t show up untill the lesson has begun 10 minutes, the lesson will be considered taken, and no make-up lesson will be offered.

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2018 - 2020
Master Degree
The University of Queensland - Australia
Major in Applied Linguistics
2008 - 2012
Bachelor Degree
Shandong University - Jinan, China

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2017 - 2018
Mandarin teacher
Somerville House - Australia
Work with teachers in the preparation and presentation of the school’s language program, including: - Development and preparation of lessons, work sheets and audio visual materials. - Verification of spoken and written language. - Participation in student’s group work, language activities and other aspects of school life.
2016 - 2017
Mandarin teacher
Online Chinese tutor - Australia
Held weekly lessons for Americans of grammar and vocabulary related to the Chinese language and culture.
2015 - 2016
English teaching supervision
Ningbo Sail Cambridge Training School - Ningbo, China
- Supervised and assessed teaching activities. - Assisted teachers in improving students’ achievement. - Provided parents and children with the best instructions regarding entering international high school.
2013 - 2014
English and Chinese tutor
Tianyi Tutoring Center - Jinan, China
- Organized training courses with friends. - Provided tutoring from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. for elementary and secondary students without good family tutors. - Held one-to-one weekly lessons for year 3 to year 9.


2014 - 2014
Teachers' Qualification
Ministry of Education of the PRC - Jinan, China
2014 - 2014
N2 Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency
Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchange Services - Japan
2012 - 2012
Mandarin Level 2 Class A
Jinan Language Testing Center - Jinan, China
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中国人过年风俗之一发红包 One of the customs of the Chinese people during the Spring Festival
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How do Chinese greet to each other?
中国人是怎么见面打招呼的 当中国人第一次见到一个人的时候通常会说:“你好,我叫。。, 请多关照。” 当中国人早上起来碰到每天见面的人,比如同学或者同事,通常会说“早” 或者 “早安”。 如果你和那个人关系特别好,你通常还会问他“吃早饭了吗”。...