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I am a teacher and a traveler. I lived in many places in my life, such as the UK, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Romania. Now I live in Kursk (Russia), where I teach Italian as a foreign language at the South-West State University.
I studied Foreign languages and literature and Linguistics at university in Italy and in the Netherlands. In real life, I’m already a teacher. I started to give private lessons to foreign students when I was at university and during my experience in New Zealand. After my Master (Linguistics: Language and Education), I worked with AIESEC Romania to teach Italian in Iasi for the national project Teach Romanian Youth. In October 2018 I got the CEDILS certification, which is a certification of competence in teaching Italian as a foreign language or second language, issued by Ca 'Foscari University of Venice. From January 2019 I work at the South-West State University, where I teach Italian as a foreign language.
I follow the communicative-humanistic approach for teaching languages. In other words, my lessons are based on the development of communicative skills. In the first part, I expose the students to authentic material in Italian, then we together start to analyse specific aspects of the language. But first of all, I work a lot on the motivation and the engagement of my students. I work mostly with original materials in Italian, which I adjust according to the level of competence. I also employ multimedia contents, cloud networks and digital software to facilitate learning, interest and motivation. We can speak about different topics. Indeed, I love traveling, cooking, reading, listening to music and watching films. I am a curious person, so that I always find topics to share with other speakers.

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2017 - 2018
MA Linguistics: Language and Education
University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Focus in Applied linguistics, Education
2012 - 2015
BA Modern Foreign Languages
University of Parma - Parma, Italy
Focus in English, Russian and Spanish, linguistics and literature

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Teacher of English
I-Say English school - Kursk, Russia
2018 - 2018
Teacher of Italian as a second language
AIESEC – Teach Romanian Youth - Iași, Romania
I teach Italian to absolute beginners and intermediate students. The main aim of the project is to provide them with a solid language foundation to enhance their professional careers. The second aim is to stimulate the young to speak up in the modern Romanian society, especially after gaining experience with a new culture and language.
2017 - 2018
Private teacher of Italian as a second language
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
I offered private lessons to students enrolled in the BA Italian studies of the University of Amsterdam
2016 - 2016
Supporting teacher of Italian as a second language
Società Dante Alighieri - Auckland, New Zealand
2015 - 2015
Intern as a teacher of Italian as a second language
“Macedonio Melloni” high school - Parma, Italy
The purpose of this internship was to train foreign students who lacked the necessary proficiency level to study in Italian, by integrating Italian with the subjects of study and by preparing them for the certification Italstudio, designed at the University of Parma to assess the level of proficiency in academic Italian.
2019 - 0
Teacher of Italian as a second language
South-West State University - Kursk, Russia


2018 - 2018
Ca 'Foscari University of Venice - Venice, Italy
certification of competence in teaching Italian as a foreign language or second language
2017 - 2017
Cambridge University - Auckland, New Zealand
Band 7.5