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Edes Yeung

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لغة الماندرين

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Work Experience and Area
Hi my name is Edes. I have worked in Hong Kong, Macau and Osaka as a Mandarin Chinese/Cantonese teacher, with public schools, private schools like Global Citizen and Private companies like Hyatt Regency Hotel. I do online teaching, face to face, 1 on 1 lesson. Also corporate and Intensive training. Also lessons for kids aged from 4-10 years old.

I am a language enthusiast who cannot pass a day without exploring the world of languages. I can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, English, Cantonese and Japanese. That is why I want to share my passion with my students. To share the skills of learning a language.

More about the lessons:
Teaching Methodology
My lesson contents and plans are always designed to fit the students’ needs. The lessons are all student-centered, and I try my best to cater to students of different levels.

Growing up in a multicultural environment inspired me to be a language enthusiast. Years of language study helped me understand the struggles of students learning a language, and the importance of creating a stress-free learning environment. In my lessons, I always try to create a relaxing and fun environment with my sense of humor and different activities. I found this method very effective because the students always feel very comfortable speaking in my lessons.

In addition, I strongly believe in the practical use of languages. Nothing is more frustrating than learning a language for years, but being incapable of using it in real life. This belief shaped my task based teaching styles. Also, my lesson is conversation based, the main goal of my lessons is to get the student to speak and use the vocabulary they have learned.

More about me:
Lastly, as a highly motivated and goal-oriented individual, I can easily adapt to the diverse situations, and work efficiently under pressure. I can work independently, but keep an open mind to other people’s opinions, I believe my skills and experiences make me a strong candidate.

Who am I after class
I am a backpacker when I am not on a job. One of my biggest accomplishments was to travel around the world for a year with a tiny budget. And I am proud of myself everyday when I remember the days I spent conquering the Himalayas in Nepal.

汉语自我介绍 Chinese Introduction
您好, 我是从香港来的杨老师,我已经教了英语和汉语五年的时间。我在英国的哈尔大学毕业, 学习市场和管理学。

学习和研究语言是我的兴趣,每一天都得学习语言,我还会说流利的日语。因为我想要跟我的学生分享我的学习心得,所以我成为了老师。从北京师范大学和北京语言大学拿到了教学汉语的证书以后,我在日本大阪当了四年的英语老师。这几年在澳门,香港和大阪工作,和很多公立私立学校合作过。 也曾经为大阪凯悦酒店提供英语和广东话的集中培训。 我的工作领域包括网上教学,面对面一对一的课堂,翻译和为企业提供员工的集中培训。

我的课是以对话为主,针对学生的需要而设计。课程最主要的目的是能讲,可以用上课堂上学习到的词语。我的课一般充满笑声, 学员学习的时候也因为我的幽默感变得很轻松。
没有课的时候, 我是一个背包客。 我其中一个大的成就是成功用很低的旅费,在一年的时间里还有了世界。当我想起自己如何一步一步的征服了喜马拉雅山, 我感觉很骄傲。

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2009 - 2010
University of Hull
Bachelor of Marketing and Management

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2018 - 2019
Hyatt Regency Hotel(Enhance)
Cantonese Intensive lessons
2014 - 2018
Chinese Teacher : 1 on 1 and Group Chinese lessons
2013 - 2014
Global Citizen Foreign Languages School
Chinese Teacher: 1 on 1 and Group Chinese lessons


2013 - 2014
Beijing Language and Culture University
Teaching Chinese as a second language
2012 - 2013
Beijing Normal University
Certificate for Putonghua Trainers

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