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اللغة الروسية
اللغة الروسية


اللغة الروسية
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📣 Parlez-vous français? J'ai préparé des vidéos gratuites avec la lexique russe de base pour les francophones. Écrivez-moi sans hésitation!
🎓 Russian for foreigners & bilinguals 📚 For adults & children.
The time of change is the TIME of SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Invest in yourself is the surest way not only to maintain internal stability, but also to REACH a NEW LEVEL in an era of crisis. Inaction and fuss in fear take away your energy. EDUCATION enriches you and gives you a new RESOURCE.
I'm pleased to participate in your SUCCESSFUL learning of the Russian language.
I personally cater to each student's needs, whether you are a complete beginner or need conversation practice. I always notice your mood and feel each my student, so I choose the appropriate activities for a particular moment from a variety of pre-prepared ones.

🥇 I am a certified and experienced Russian language teacher and native speaker. I was born and lived in Russia. I moved to Latvia to my husband a few years ago.

I teach:
- adults and children over 7 years old,
- Russian as a foreign language (RFL),
- Russian as a second language in bilingual families (RSL).

🎤 I devote a sufficient amount of time to speaking practice, so you start speaking immediately and easily.

I have prepared for you (listening, speaking, writing, and reading for all levels):
🎧 lively communication with me,
📚 a variety of textbooks and worksheets,
🎬 exciting video/audio/pictures and online games.
Some materials are created by me personally.

💻Technical Details:
- Full HD Pro webcam,
- Internet up to 1000mb/s.

👍 Having motivation and time for classes is what I’m expecting from you. And I will provide you with the means to achieve your goals 🔑

=> => => See you at the trial lesson!
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📚 I will ask you some questions about you, your experience of learning Russian, and your goals.
📚 I will clarify how often you can attend classes and whether you need homework.
📚 If you already know a little Russian, I will offer you some exercises to analyze your abilities.
📚 If you want to start learning Russian from the beginning, you will start learning the alphabet, pronunciation, reading and some basic conversational structures
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2021 - 2022
Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language for children
Russian language Center of Moscow State University - Russia, Moscow
Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language for children
2007 - 2012
Specialist in European countries and regions
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration /RANEPA/ - Moscow, Russia
Focus on the economic and political processes of the EU, on social issues

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2020 - 2022
Russian language teacher
Verbling and others international platforms - online
teaching Russian as Foreign Language (RFL) and Second Language in bilingual families (RSL), work with adults and children over 7 years old, students of A0-B2 levels
2019 - 2020
French course tutor
private kid's school DETI.CORPORATION - Russia, Voronezh
teaching french in kindergarten


2022 - 2022
Forum: Innovative and classic in RFL. Theory and Practice: Challenges, Opportunities, Achievements
Russian language Center of Moscow State University - Moscow, Russia
At the forum, experts discussed the specifics of teaching Russian as a foreign language in different countries, exchanged experience in creating textbooks, tests, programs, analyzed the possibilities, methods and achievements in teaching Russian as a foreign language in the transition to new educational spaces and technologies.
2018 - 2018
course Sustainable development - Strategy of the planet Earth
Open School of Sustainable Development - Russia
2018 - 2018
course Social Project Management for NGOs
The NGO Development Center - Russia, Saint Petersburg
2018 - 2018
training Understanding Disability
Voronezh Resource Center “Barrier-free environmental” - Russia, Voronezh
2010 - 2010
Intensive French course, scholarship of the French Embassy in Russia for linguistic internship
Brest CIEL - France
level B1, 40 hours