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I graduated four years ago with a language major in china and my first job was at an online Chinese language teaching center that taught students from all over the world. I gained a lot of online teaching skills and experience from this job and I was very popular among my students. I have taught people of all ages from children to senior citizens although mostly beginner and intermediate levels. When I was in Shanghai, I worked as a part time Chinese teacher on another large online company. I enjoyed it very much and I also get 10 star comments from them. I also worked in a large online company's kids teaching department and we used many teaching tools and TPR to help children learn. So I am a teacher with nearly 4 years online teaching experience and I can teach kids and adults.

I am a patient, nice and understanding teacher. I can explain things clearly and help students practice and learn Chinese. When I am teaching kids, I will use teaching tools and games to make my class as fun as possible. As for adults, I will try to help you speak more Chinese and use it to express your thought when you rely less on using english during classes.

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2010 - 2014
Bachelors Degree in English Language
Fujian university of engineering - Fuzhou city Fujian province China
English language, phonics, English reading and writing, Cross cultural communication, Chinese English translation.

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2017 - 2018
Full time online CT for kids
51TALK - Wuhan China
I worked as an English Teaching Assistant on on 51Talk and was responsible for teaching Chinese students English online from 6-12 on weekends. (They also learned with native English teachers online) I also managed a class’ WeChat group. I learned many skills for teaching kids online and improved my teaching ability. besides, I also improved my service and communication skills for students and their parents.
2016 - 2017
part time online chinese teacher
• Tutor ming - Shanghai China
I taught on the tutorming's online platform part time and I received many 10-star comments, improved my teaching methods there and enhanced my Chinese teaching technique as well.
2014 - 2016
Full time Online Chinese teacher for foreigners
echineselearning - Wuhan city Hubei province China
For this job, I use skype to teach Chinese to foreign students. Here, I gained valuable experience in learning how to teach Chinese online.


2013 - 2013
Putonghua Proficiency Test Level 2 Grade A (普通话二级甲等)
Fujian university of engineering - the oral mandarin test station of Fujian normal university

I achieved a 2A Level in the Standard Mandarin Oral Level Test in 2014