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Book a class with me and you will be surprised how much you can learn in 1 hour !

As the award winner of 2012-2013 Houston Independent School District Effective Teacher with 8+ years of teaching experience, I can offer you a tailor-made study plan, well-structured lessons, culturally enriched activities and out-of-classroom support!
***All learning materials (text , audio files and online flashcards) are included.***

I offer:
1) Crash course: Great for people who are BUSY and want to learn the most PRACTICAL Chinese from scratch in the SHORTEST time. You can speak daily conversations in Mandarin or Cantonese in 10 hours! Learning Chinese is NOT just "repeat after the teacher" --I make all learning materials relevant and interesting! You will ENJOY and LEARN a lot from the class!

Time: 10 hours.

Note: The curriculum has been taught to more than 200 adult students in Chinese Community Center and Asia Society and received 100% satisfaction. Check out what my adult students said about our class:

2) College level course: Great for college students who need help for Chinese study, also great for people who like structure and are committed to learning the language.
We will use "Integrated Chinese" or "Modern Chinese" as textbook, which are the mostly used textbook in American colleges.

Time: Once a week or twice a week depends on student's pace and schedule.

Note: I am a college board certified AP Chinese teacher and have been using these textbook to teach students in public schools. I have e-copy of textbook, audio files and video files and quizlet flash card set to making the whole learning process easier for you.

3) Conversation Chinese: Great for people who want to converse in Chinese for a purpose: traveling, doing business, etc. Also great for people who have foundation in Chinese and do not want to stop learning.

Time: Once a week.

Note: We will set up a study plan on day 1 to suit every need.

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2000 - 2004
B.A. in English
Sun Yat-sen University - Guangzhou, China
B.A. in English

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Full-time Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Houston Independent School District - Houston, TX
High school Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Crash Course in Chinese Instructor
Asia Society Texas Center - Houston, TX
Teach crash course in Chinese to adults with zero prior Mandarin study in 9 weeks, covering pinyin, characters, survival Chinese (meeting someone for the first time, shopping and bargaining, dining in a restaurant).
Adult Mandarin teacher
Chinese Community Center - Houston, TX
Teach Adult Chinese basic I and II classes. Textbook: Integrated Chinese Book 1 and 2
2013 - 2013
Chinese-in-Action Mandarin Chinese Summer Immersion Program
Chinese Community Center - Houston, TX
Program Manager and Master Teacher


Highly Qualified in teaching Mandarin Chinese, AP Chinese Language Art and Culture, ELA 4-8,Mathematics 4-8, Mathematics 8-12
TEA (Texas Education Agency) - Houston, TX
Highly Qualified in teaching Mandarin Chinese, AP Chinese Language Art and Culture, ELA 4-8,Mathematics 4-8, Mathematics 8-12,
2012 - 2013
Houston ISD 2012-2013 Effective Teacher
Houston ISD - Houston, TX
Award winner of Houston ISD 2012-2013 Effective Teacher