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Hi there!
Before I say anything there's **50% off for Muslims who learn Arabic for Quran**
I am Muhammad! I'm a medical student with great love to teaching I've 4 years of experience as an Arabic teacher (Modern Standard Arabic) and the (Egyptian Dialect). When I was young I used to explain topics to my friends and my little sister in a simple way that made me chose to think more about it.

I started to take courses about teaching then volunteered to many charity organizations to teach illiterate people and children which polished my abilities throughout the years and made my way of teaching more professional all of that plus my great passion and love to my native Arabic language with its all treasures and its long history of full marvelous literature products All of that led me here, in Verbling.

As you might know that teaching a language for non-native is completely different from teaching the same language to a native, your knowledge maybe less than 0% :) you have to start like a 1-day-old child and that's how the process go on.

I used to expose my students to as much of the language (Modern Standard Arabic or the Egyptian dialect) as possible that's how the child hears (Papa, Mama) for the first time and then use it gradually, on the other hand you start to repeat what you hear and put that in an understandable sentence.

let's get straight to my way of teaching:
* I start my first lesson by asking you some few questions to set your level of Arabic (the language you will learn) and English (the language I speak :) putting in mind your cause of learning (travel, work or you just love the language)

* I use the Arabic language itself for teaching by gradually minimizing the usage of the Intermediate language (English) we use and providing you with more and more Arabic words to use them with me till we completely use the language for everything we will face through our learning time together.

* I prefer giving too much H.W. with a great variety of challenges such as:
- MCQs.
– make recordings.
– memorize new vocab.
– sentences translation.
– subtitling a short music or movies <media>.
- writing small sentences.

* I use highly professional Arabic teaching materials to make you reach higher levels of confidence when using the language with BALANCE.

* From time to time I provide some materials outside our progress showing the similarities between Arabic and your language in vocabulary or even the grammar which exist in most of other languages despite the wide distance between their different roots.

* I also like to provide optional funny learning materials of songs and movies and different kinds of media beside these weird real-life news just for establishing good cultural base which will make you (for example) understand jokes instead of just reading a solid sentence.

* I like pneumonic. I love to use it when I learn, and I’ll make it for you to remember the very details of hardships you might encounter while learning.

* When we start, I will give you different questions of different levels of difficulty and I’ll see how you will deal with them, and after about 2 months we will get back to the same questions and you will see how you got upgraded.

* For those who love Arabic Calligraphy I took a certified course provided by Egyptian Ministry of Education and I can help you with it. If not so much interested at least, I can write your Arabic name 😊.

See You All.

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