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Hello, English learners! I am Noelle, a professional ESL teacher from the United States. I have been teaching English as a Second Language for three years, all of which in an online setting. I specialize in one-on-one coaching. I am TESOL certified and have experience with a range of skill levels, from beginner to highly advanced. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Language and Linguistics from West Chester University, and I recently graduated with my Master’s from European University at St. Petersburg.

I am very familiar with learning languages and all of the excitement and FRUSTRATION that can come with it. Language learning is hard work! English can be especially confusing because there are so many rules - and so many more exceptions to the rules you just learned! But, have no fear! Your learning needs will be met with our highly personalized lessons.

Your goals are so important to your success! The “WHY” is essential. Why are you studying English?

Are you hoping to improve your conversation skills for everyday life or traveling? I can help you with that!

Are you learning English in a formal academic setting and need help mastering grammar constructs? We can master it together!

In our first lesson, we will establish your goals and create a lesson plan to achieve this. Book a trial today, and we can get started on your journey to English fluency!

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2016 - 2018
M.A. Russian and Eurasian Studies
European University at St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg, Russia
I received an M.A. focusing on Russian relations in an international setting.
2012 - 2016
B.A. Russian Language; Minor in Linguistics
West Chester University - West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
I earned a degree in Russian language with Arabic as a secondary area of study. I minored in linguistics which prepared me for teaching English as a second language.

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English as as a Second Language Teacher
VIPkid - Beijing, China
I teach Chinese children English in an online classroom forum, focusing on a variety of language elements from basic vocabulary to advanced grammar and language construction. This position utilizes my linguistics background and firsthand second language acquisition experience.
2015 - 2016
Russian Tutor
West Chester University - West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
I worked in the Department of Language and Culture. I assisted beginner to intermediate level Russian Language students and encouraged them in their studies using personalized lessons that catered to each student’s needs. I organized and guided group study and tailored exercises aimed toward improving their language acquisition.