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+10 years of professional experience in Germany, the UK, Sweden, China, Ghana | warm, encouraging, interculturally sensitive | specialities: everyday German, grammar, writing, university, culture | young learners welcome | all levels | tailored for you! | focus on intensive students (+2hrs per week) for fast progression

Dear German learner, a warm welcome! I'm a university teacher with +10 years of experience in China, the UK, Sweden and Germany. I'm excited to offer you high-quality and customised German language and culture classes!

My specialties are German for daily life, practical grammar, writing, German for university students, interview and test preparation.

I design each class especially for you to meet your unique needs. If you think you’re worth this investment in yourself and your development, please book a trial class with me, so we can discuss your individual needs and the approach for our classes together!

* Please note: I'm only signing you up if you're interested in studying 2+hrs per week. I'm here to intensively support your German progress. I really want to see you progress super fast.

My background & experience

For the last three years I’ve been working as a university teacher and lecturer for German in China. Overall, I have 10+ years of professional experience in teaching, coaching and consulting. In the last five years I have focused on teaching German – privately and in groups, in person and online. I especially love teaching people who are living or would like to live in the German-speaking countries.
My background is in language (English, Spanish, French, German), international cultural studies, leadership and sustainability. I have lived in the UK, Sweden and China, and have visited many countries in the world.

The approach you can expect

Besides being warm and sensitive, I'm good at understanding your situation and designing content for you that meets your unique needs. I'm a structured person and aim to give you a secure understanding of the German language system. In each lesson, we'll focus on an aspect or theme intensively, so that you'll have plenty of time to practice. My classes always include homework and a review part, so your learning has time to sink in. When possible, I love integrating engaging activities and authentic learning material such as videos and songs.

My specialised courses, please inquire for more information!

* German for daily life (A1-C1)
* Practical grammar (A1-C1)
* Writing (A2-C1)
* German for university students (A2-C1)
* Test preparation (A1-C2), Goethe, TestDaF
* Presentation / Interview preparation (B1-C2)

Please kindly note that the rate given in my profile is a base price. Depending on your level, the intensity and frequency of our lessons and your financial ability, I will adjust your lesson price individually.

Again, I'm currently only taking on students with an interest in taking 2 hrs or more each week. This is to ensure your progress in German. I'm happy to discuss this with you personally.

If this information resonated with you, I’d be delighted to meet you in a trial class. Please also don’t hesitate to send me a message, should you have any questions regarding my offering, approach and the general fit.

Wishing you all the best for your German learning!

With love,


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2012 - 2013
MA Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability
BTH Karlskrona - Karlskrona, Sweden
2008 - 2009
MA International Political Economy
University of Sussex - Brighton, UK
2005 - 2008
BA Intercultural and Business Studies
University of Passau / University of Stirling - Passau / Stirling, Germany / UK

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2018 - 2020
German Teacher, also online
Self-employed - China
Teaching and tutoring of students aged 10-25
2018 - 2020
University Lecturer - German
University of Suzhou - Suzhou
2016 - 2018
University Lecturer - German
University of Nanjing / Jinling College / Lectureship Programme of the Robert Bosch Foundation - Nanjing
2015 - 2016
German Teacher, Germany
Deutschbrücke e.V. - Lüneburg
Voluntary German classes for refugees
2016 - 2016
German Teacher
Schule am Meer (Secondary School), Germany - Lübeck
Teaching German for grades 1-8
2014 - 2015
English teacher
WeCan Global Culture - Xuzhou, China
2010 - 2012
Consultant / Project Manager
Grolman Consultancy - Frankfurt, Germany
2009 - 2010
Multidisciplinary Researcher
McKinsey & Company - Düsseldorf, Germany


2016 - 2018
German Teaching
Lectureship Programme - Robert Bosch Foundation - Stuttgart / Nanjing

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60 minutes