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Hello! My name is William, but most people call me Willy. I am a brand new teacher at Verbling but I have almost 9 years experience teaching *International English* and living overseas in Japan and Finland. I am TEFL qualified and hold a professional teaching certificate in history/social science in the U.S.A.. I received a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Psychology from the U.S.A., and a Master's degree in Education from Finland, where I currently live. I am now pursuing a PhD in education and learning studies.

I am truly passionate about promoting intercultural communication between people from around the world. I can help you build your confidence and give you the tools to efficiently navigate the complex world of English.

1. Do you ever have difficulty understanding native English speakers, even though you speak English fluently?
2. Do you often speak English with non-native English speakers?
3. Are you an intermediate or advanced student wishing to sharpen your communication skills and deepen your comprehension?

If you answered 'YES' to all three questions, then you have found the right teacher!
Although I am American, I have lived and travelled extensively around the world and I pride myself on teaching International English. Unlike 'American English', 'British English', or any other national 'type', International English is a variety that recognises the diversity of spoken English and emphasises clarity, simplicity and authenticity. It applies to:
• Global Business/Marketing
• Travel and Adventure
• General Conversation
• Interview Preparation
• Resume and CV Proofreading
• Public Speaking/Presentations
• Pronunciation Techniques
• Social Issues/ Current Event Topics
• Writing for University Applications, Essays and Research Papers

I believe that language learning is more than just words and grammar, it is about self-expression, culture, history and connecting with people. Through my years of teaching, training and observing other teachers, I have learned that communicating in English is best learned through authentic dialog and interaction, a little laughter and a student's active engagement. This means that learning English must be:
1. Conversation-based
2. Interesting, fun and exciting
3. Tailored to each individual student.


1. In-context, Conversational and Targeted (Situated Learning)
I take a 'Situated Learning' approach that targets areas you wish to improve within a particular context. Whether it's vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, all of these aspects of language are best learned in-context (a business presentation, a conversations about food, etc.) rather than simply memorising vocabulary lists or grammar rules. When conversations are related to a student's unique interests, opportunities for refining grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation naturally arise--and that's when real language learning can happen.

2. Student-centred
My lessons are student-centred so that students can maximise their speaking opportunities. In this way, students practice their fluency while I engage them in real conversation and focus on correcting grammatical, vocabulary and pronunciation errors and make suggestions to improve communicative skills. I provide corrections and suggestions in writing at the end of each lesson and we use them as a review at the start of the next lesson. All lessons should build on each other!

3. Socratic Methods
Finally, I believe students always bring a lot of prior knowledge, even if they don't realise it. So, if you ask me a question, do not expect a direct answer! I like to use Socratic-style questioning to encourage you to answer your own questions and discover English through your own knowledge and interests. This will help you to better remember what you learn. You might be surprised at how much you already know--I am here to help you discover the links and connections in your knowledge of the world, expressed through English!

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2017 - 2019
M.A. Education
University of Oulu - Oulu, Finland
Focus in international education and globalisation, global citizenship education, education research
2005 - 2009
B.A. Anthropology and Psychology (double major)
University of Arizona - Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
Focus in linguistic and cultural anthropology; social and cognitive psychology

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2016 - 2017
Lecturer, English Conversation
Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education - Tokyo, Japan
Developed, planned and engaged beginner-level English learners in collaborative conversation courses. Courses centred on activities and games that emphasised interaction and aimed to create comfort in speaking a foreign language.
2015 - 2017
Lecturer, English Conversation
Waseda University - Tokyo, Japan
Planned and delivered rigorously student-centred, collaborative English language conversation instruction for intermediate and advanced-level students at one of Japan's most prestigious universities.
2011 - 2017
English Language Instructor
ECC Foreign Language Institute - Tokyo, Japan
Taught conversational English and promoted intercultural competence and language awareness for students of all ages in small groups, private lessons and special events.
2013 - 2017
Teacher Trainer
ECC Foreign Language Institute - Tokyo, Japan
Developed and co-led the planning and implementation of teacher trainings and intercultural events for new and current instructors and staff.
2016 - 0
Taco Tora - Tokyo, Japan
Pop-up and catering taco 'bike' and truck specialising in hand-pressed, made-to-order tortillas and fresh salsas inspired by Sonoran desert (Arizona, USA-Sonora, Mexico) borderlands food. Instagram: @tacotora


2016 - 2017
Professional Teaching Certificate, Social Studies G 6-12
Florida Department of Education/University of West Florida--TeacherReady Program - Tokyo, Japan/Online
U.S.-based professional teaching certificate focused on professionalism, student relations and research-based learning strategies. Qualified for teaching classes in history, geography, government, economics, anthropology and psychology.
2011 - 2011
TEFL Certificate
International TEFL and TESOL Training - Online
120 hour course introducing teaching practices specific to TEFL