Are You Making the 5 Mistakes that Make Learning English Harder?

Many people find English to be one of the hardest languages to learn. However students make this task harder for themselves than they need it to be. Here are 5 mistakes that students make while trying to learn English (or any other languages)

 1. You never speak


2. You treat it like a job.


3. You expect results too fast.


4. You translate every individual word.


5. You do it alone.

Peruvian Substitutions for American Taste Buds

First off, I would like to state that the food in Peru is absolutely spectacular.  A variety of seasonings are added to each dish to maximize flavor.  Hands of the consumers are often placed on the table after each bite to stabilize oblivious conditions.   With that said, no matter how exquisite something new may be, an individual will often long for what they were first accustomed.  Some examples for most Americans in general would be peanut butter, bacon, s’mores, and bourbon whiskey.

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8 Hechos Hondureños (Spanish Version)

Aprovecho la oportunidad para publicar éste interesante artículo del que pueden sacar provecho los estudiantes, y para mayor beneficio he decidido hablar sobre los ocho hechos Hondureños (catrachos) más interesantes; así los que tienen planeado viajar (y los que no) pueden informarse más acerca de éste hermoso e intrigante país.

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The Best Tip to become Fluent in English (after teaching 700+ hours)

As an English teacher who works with English learners from around the world daily, one of the main questions I get asked is, “How long is it going to take me to become fluent in English?”

Of course, when someone asks that question, I respond with a series of my own questions:

  • How much time per day do you listen to English?
  • How much English do you already know; what’s your current level?
  • Why are you learning English?
  • Do you like learning English? Is it fun for you?
  • How often do you read in English?
  • How often do you speak to someone in English?

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5 benefits to learning a new language

As human beings, we have the marvelous biological ability to communicate information with each other simply by making noises with our mouths. Languages give us the ability to do amazing things and it’s incredible to think about we acquire our first language as children. If you’ve never considered learning English or another language, here are a few reasons why you should start learning English or Spanish on Verbling:

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Why Blindly Translating Actually Makes Learning English Harder

English just doesn’t make sense sometimes. There are so many idioms and words that are counter intuitive to what they should be. One famous example is that you park in a driveway and you drive on a parkway. Translating word for word might make learning English harder in most situations. There are two ways this could occur:

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