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¿Has visto Roma, la película mexicana que ha recibido varios premios en los festivales internacionales de cine? Posiblemente te preguntes por qué se llama Roma, si no tiene nada que ver con Italia. Pues...
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Nós & A gente.
Olá, estudantes Verblings! Neste pequeno artigo, tentarei tirar uma dúvida que alguns de vocês tem ou possam ter em uma conversa, na hora de saber qual palavra utilizar para indicar um grupo ou mais de...
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Saludos y despedidas en Español
Aprende a iniciar una conversación y despedirte de manera natural en el idioma español. El idioma español es hermoso y es uno de los más hablados. Si quieres practicar este y muchos temas más ponte en...
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Holy Cow
What if I tell you that I found out I have a “super power” that I didn’t know I had until I travel to India? No, it isn’t the power to eat street food and don’t get sick, or the power to navigate its crowded...
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How to become a Suggestopedic Teacher
Hi Guys, Today I want to talk about a fairly famous method of learning a language but one that is frequently misunderstood or deemed to complicated or outdated to be practical in today's classrooms. ...
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-잖아요 Hey gang… it’s me again. 1. (As) You know... You can use this attitude ending to say something the listener already knows or to remind them of something they have forgotten. Just like every...
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My time volunteering
Spending the last 3 years volunteering has been such a life altering experience. Of course the question is what led me to volunteering? The effects it had on my life. Then of course how could you help?...
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El ave Gamayun en la mitología rusa.
En muchos dialectos rusos antiguos se puede encontrar la palabra "gamayun", que significa “persona muy habladora”. Quizás por eso el ave Gamayun se llama así, porque le gusta mucho tener largas conversaciones....