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The history of Arabic Language
Arabic Language Arabic, which is the native tongue of more than 200 million people worldwide, ranks 6th among the major languages of the world. Arabic is the official language of Algeria, Egypt,...
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Expresiones idiomáticas con animales
Cuando aprendemos una nueva lengua no sólo queremos poder comunicarnos, lo que queremos es comunicarnos con fluidez y poder mostrarnos tal y como somos nosotros, sin tener obstáculos que nos impidan esa...
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Spanish Christmas Traditions
In Spain, Christmas is one of the longest holidays of the year. Traditions in Spain are very special. Although a large number of traditions are celebrated throughout the Spanish territory, below we...
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Do Indonesians Speak English Well?
Recently a couple of questions were asked about how well Indonesians speak English. A lot of Indonesians may feel that the quality of Indonesian English is generally low, but I have found otherwise. I...
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Uso de "aunque" en español.
Esta palabra es importante. Veamos sus dos principales usos. Puede ir acompañado por el indicativo o el subjuntivo: AUNQUE + INDICATIVO/SUBJUNTIVO. En AUNQUE+INDICATIVO, se usa para informar acerca...
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みなさん、こんにちは。絵里子です。 今日もJLPT N1レベルの漢字の勉強をしていきましょう。 今日の漢字は「応」です。 それではまず読み方をみていきましょう。 音読みは「オウ」、訓読みは「こた-える」です。 それでは意味を見ていきましょう。 <意味> ①返事をする。反応する。②従う。状況に合わせて動く。③ふさわしい。 ところで、訓読みの「こたえる」にはもう一つ漢字がありますよね。 そうです「答える」です。...
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Learning a language is the way to a new you
Learning a language that you haven’t spoken since you were born could be an art. You are creating a new you. You are developing new skills. You are opening doors to new opportunities. You are opening...