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"Echar de menos"
Que bonito cuando escuchamos la frase "Te echo de menos". Esta expresión tan dulce y agradable para nuestros oídos que hace despertar nuestra nostalgia por seres queridos, ya sean amigos o familiares....
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Those "False Friends"!!
False cognates are more commonly known false friends. False friends are words in two languages that look or sound similar, but have quite different meanings. Here are a few examples from the situation...
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En España, "guay" es una palabra coloquial y que utilizamos casi como un comodín. Desde que éramos niños (aquellos nacidos en los '80) la hemos venido utilizando para describir todo aquello que nos fascinaba,...
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Una nueva perspectiva a las clases de lengua
Enseñar una lengua extranjera es algo que se debe hacer con pasión, con el corazón y con la mejor actitud. Recuerdo muy bien aquella frase que dice que "enseñar es aprender dos veces", y es cierta en tanto...
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常见多音字总结 1、都:①dōu都是、都对;②dū首都、都市   2、为:①wéi 为人、作为;②wèi因为、为什么   3、降:①jiànɡ降落;②xiánɡ投降   4、背:①bēi背包、背书包、背着;②bèi背景、背书、背心   5、兴:①xìnɡ高兴、兴致勃勃;②xīnɡ兴奋、大兴安岭   6、长:①zhǎnɡ长大、成长;②chánɡ长江、长短、长度   7、乐:①lè快乐、乐意;②yuè音乐、乐曲...
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Translation topics
Hi everybody. Today I'd like to bring up an interesting topic on translating. The temptation for many people is to translate directly, which can be problematic when trying to progress with your chosen...
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HSK 5 Vocabulary / 勿 [wù]
The meaning of 勿[wù]: 勿 – means “do not” or “don't” and is similar to 不要. The 请勿[qǐnɡwù] structure: 勿 is often used together with 请 to form a fixed structure: 请勿 + verb / verb phrase. This fixed structure...
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10 tips to learn greek!
Are you struggling to learn greek? If you currently believe that you can never become bilingual, get ready to take some notes! Here are some top tips to help you boost your greek learning: 1. Know your...
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Symbol of Thailand...Buffaloes ^^
Yes, that't right. Buffalo is one of the unique symbols of Thailand, I'm really proud to say that my family have taken care of 2 buffaloes which are the mother and her son. Their name are Boonchok...