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EXPRESSING TIME USING 从 cóng - 自从 zìcóng (from/since)

vor einem Jahr
There are several ways to refer to past in Mandarin, but today let's practice referring to actions or events that occurred in the past.

Just as we use "since" or "from (a time)" in English, the grammar is very similar for Mandarin:

Ever since (something/ a time), (result/ event).
自从(什么 / 什么时候),(结果 / 事件)
zìcóng (shénme / shénmeshíhòu) , (jiéguǒ / shìjiàn)

Since I woke up today, I have been feeling sick.
zìcóng qǐchuáng le, wǒ gǎnjué bìng le.

Ever since our discussion last night, I have been thinking about more solutions.
zìcóng wǒmen zuótiān wǎnshàng de huà, wǒ xiǎng duō jiěshì.

The grammar format is pretty simple, so you can play around and create your own sentences.

Let's go! Practice, practice, practice!
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