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Greetings in Chinese 问候,打招呼

vor einem Monat

1. Hello
nín hǎo nǐ hǎo
您 好 你 好

你,you. 好, good, fine, ok.

“您 “is honorific of “你”
您,is a polite way instead of 你, express respect for someone, such as eldership(长辈), senior citizen(老年人), parents, leader, business partner, teacher, and so on.

2. Good morning
Zǎo shang hǎo nǐ zǎo nǐ hǎo
早 上 好 你 早 你 好

早上,morning. 早,morning, early.

“你好”is a common greeting and can be used anytime when people meet each other. The answer for “你好” also is “你好”.

3. Good after noon Good evening Good night
xià wǔ hǎo wǎn shang hǎo wān ān 下 午 好 晚 上 好 晚 安

you also can reply 下午好 and 晚上好 with “你好”.