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Adriana Marcela Martinez Castro

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Über Mich

My name is Adriana Martinez, “Adri” for my students. I’m a native Spanish language teacher, I live in Bogota, Colombia, one of the Latin America countries. At present, I work freelance as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language on the internet.

I have been teaching Spanish for over 14 years. I started teaching before graduating from the university by developing didactic materials and after my professional degree; I started to teach native Spanish for native speakers. First with the role of tutor of Spanish for children and then that of teacher of Spanish, writing and spelling both in primary and secondary schools as in some universities of Bogotá-Colombia, with the latter emphasizing the teaching of writing, oral expression and the techniques of argumentation used to give and defend one’s own opinion.

In 2012, I inducted in virtual teaching at an Academy that teaches Spanish via internet to Koreans in Seoul, South Korea and I worked until December of last year (2016). I was teaching Spanish in intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced levels ( C1, C2) and sometimes in A2 (basic). Therefore, I have extensive experience in the preparation of international exams (DELE, FLEX, OPIC) as well as different methodologies for the classes of conversation, writing, grammar and immersion in Latin American culture.
In relation to my academic studies I am a professional in Literary Studies of the Universidad Javeriana. I have a specialization of reading and writing with emphasis in literature of the University San Buenaventura. Likewise I have taken many degrees in “Elearning” and virtual education, also meaningful learning among others.


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Latin American Spanish



2016 - 2016
profesor virtual
Politecnico de Colombia - Bogotá
Focus en la enseñanza virtual y online
2006 - 2008
Especialización en Didácticas para lectura y escritura
Universidad de San Buenaventura - Bogotá
cfocus en la didactica de la lectura y la escritura
2007 - 2007
concepción y prácticas evaluativas de la educación
Fundación universitaria San Martín - Bogotá
Focus en practicas de evaluación
1997 - 2007
Profesional en estudios Literarios
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Bogotá
Focus en linguistica y literatura
2004 - 2004
Ambiente de aprendizaje en el aula significativa
Outsourcing Mayes LTDA - Bogotá
Focus en el aprendizaje significativo


2008 - 2009
clases de español, literatura y semiologia para bachillerato y universidad
Academia afianzar - Bogotá
Focus en la enseñanza del español, la literatura y la semiologia
2007 - 2007
profesora catedrática de redacción y ortografía y literatura española
Fundación unilatina - Bogotá
Focus en la redacción, la gramática y la literatura española


2018 - 2018
Jornada de formación para profesores de español
Universidad de Salamanca - España
El aula como espacio de comunicación, formación integral como profesor de español, nuevas técnicas para los errores comunes en la pronunciación
2012 - 2017
profesora de español para extranjeros
Aula : academía de español online - Corea del sur (online)
clases de conversación, preparación examen DELE, cursos de cultura latinoamericana
2007 - 2007
Pluralidad cultural y discurso de la otredad (ponente)
Universidad Nacional de Educación - Perú
Focus en la reflexión de la educación latinoamericana