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Kent Cameron

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Über Mich

My story is, I have helped over 500+ software developers find profitable employment, repurpose their careers, and scale their businesses.

I work with these professionals to resolve the puzzle that stops them from maximizing their potentials - that is, communication.

During childhood, my inquisitive nature prompts me to take things apart - from toys to electronics. But I end up rebuilding many things I dismantled and sometimes repurpose them to perform new functions.

This juvenile experience gave me an insight into resolving puzzles early in life. This skill became invaluable in my careers as a Coach, Online Educator and Tech Recruiter.

As a Tech Recruiter, I am privileged to have an in-depth understanding of employers’ requirements and the areas where candidates fall short. Despite having specialist expertise in software engineering, lack of communication skills has held many back from getting their dream jobs or getting the promotion they deserve.


-Have you wanted to work for a sophisticated international tech brand, but you fail every time to influence them to hire you?

-Are you just about to start a new job with an international English speaking company and feel underprepared?

-Have you seen a lesser skilled Engineer take up a job opportunity or promotion you deserve?

Ok, that's not ideal, but unfortunately, life does not offer you what you deserve; it gives you what you demand. The art of expressing yourself professionally and fluently is crucial to take your career or business to the next level.

Impressions count and you don’t just code and go home anymore. You cannot impress your team or a prospective employer or client when you speak incoherently.

Is a combination of specialist feedback, business etiquette, business nous, soft skills and communication skills that are the missing piece of the puzzle that is limiting your business or career prospects. My 10-Week Communications Challenge might be the solution you need.

The 10-Week Communications Challenge is a practical program that improves how you communicate with potential employers, clients and team members.

It helps you develop excellent communication skills that complement your coding proficiencies. At the end of the training, you will communicate openly with confidence and make you stand out in any interview or team situation. My goal is to help you achieve the success you deserve.
The goal of this program I’m offering is to help you improve your communication skills in English as a Software Engineer and make you more employable. At the end of the program, you will have everything you need to show your value and improve your job performance and secure future career opportunities.

This program has 3 pillars and lasts 10 weeks.

In pillar 1, we will use 4 weeks to cover Being Understood by Clients and Colleagues. At the end of this pillar, you will not only understand the culture in the English-speaking business world but master the vocabulary that allows you to use business idioms, expressions, and phrases to better express yourself.

In pillar 2, we will use 4 weeks to work on your interviewing and skills to conduct one-on-one and group meetings in English. At the end of this pillar, you will significantly improve your English communication clarity so your colleagues and clients can understand you clearly and have confidence while attending meetings in English both in person and virtually.

In pillar 3, we will use 2 weeks to practice your business English Collaboration skills. At the end of this pillar, you will know how to deal professionally with business collaborations so it leaves a great impression.

After that, we will have one last meeting in week 10 to wrap up the program and make sure you’ve got everything you expected.

To summarize, after 10 weeks, you will master all business vocabulary that is necessary to better express yourself in English, improve your communication skills so you feel comfortable and confident speaking up in your meetings, and articulating yourself clearly so it leaves a great impression.

In terms of how we are going to work together, we will video chat once a week on Verbling for at least 1 hour. I will coach you on the topic for that week during the session, and you will have a weekly task to do.

Please send me a direct message with questions you might have to start this conversation today!


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2012 - 2019
Bachelor Degree - Business
Queensland University of Technology - Queensland
Business Management


2018 - 2019
Bridge TEFL - Queensland
Foundations Teaching English Online
2019 - 2019
Bridge TEFL - Queensland
Advanced Methods Teaching English Online