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Mark Wickham

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It is your opportunity to discover an exclusive and personalised method that will make a real difference in how you learn English. I create lessons around you and your learning goals and I want to show you how you can learn English in a fast and effective way. But to give you a little 'push' to book a lesson, I'm offering 10% OFF on your first booking.



Über Mich

This is Your Chance to Become Fluent in English and Take Your Communications Skills to the Next Level.

Personalised English Lessons Created with Your Goal in Mind.

I’m a professional English Language Teacher from the UK, both CELTA and TEFL certified.

I’ve been a full-time professional online English language teacher since 2016, and I have a passion to see my students go further with my lessons.

+ Why should you study with me?

Besides being a dedicated professional teacher, I can give you insights into English culture and teach you idiomatic expressions that will make you sound natural and more like a native.

+ In Your Professional Lessons You’re Guaranteed to Have:

01. Personalised Lessons with Authentic and Customised Material.
02. Feedback in Every Lesson so You Know which Areas You Need to Work on.
03. Hints and Tips on How to Study for International Exams like the IELTS.
04. Cultural Information that You Can Only Learn from a Native.
05. Information on How to Become an Independent Learner.
06. Lessons to Improve the Skills You Need to Develop and Improve your English Overall.
Plus Fun Lessons and Lots of Opportunities to Practice Your English Skills!

+ Your First Lesson:

We’ll introduce ourselves and talk about your needs and expectations. This will allow me to prepare lessons that will bring you closer to your goal.

I’ll show you how your lessons will be interactive and engaging, and how it will make a real difference in the way you learn and improve your language skills.

+ Your Regular Lessons:

Each lesson will be planned according to your needs, learning style and final goal.

You can suggest topics for discussions or we can review structures that you struggle with.

I want to make sure your lessons are well planned, richly informed and prepared to achieve your goal.

+ Material:

We’ll use an interactive document that will make your lessons engaging and fun, plus it will convert into a feedback form that you will be able to download, print and study at your convenience. We’ll review some aspects from it at the beginning of the following class.

Your classes will be created from authentic materials and well-known publications.

Remember these are your classes and you’re welcome to bring other materials that you want to discuss or review.

Your lessons are guaranteed to be engaging, interactive and memorable.

Book a lesson NOW, so we can discuss your needs and start the lessons that will make a real difference in your life and career.

"A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary."
Thomas Carruthers
Educational Theorist

** For your professional lessons, we will use an interactive document for a better learning experience and record keeping. For this reason, you will need to use a computer, preferably with a webcam. We'll be unable to interact on the document through a mobile phone or tablet.
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In our first lesson, we will start by introducing ourselves and talking about your learning needs.

After that, I will introduce you to the methodology that I use in order to help you to reach your goal. This is important to do before we start classes together because it allows us to establish all the requirements and how things will work.

See you soon!
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2016 - 2016
CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
University of Cambridge ESOL


Professional Online English Language Teacher


2014 - 2015
TEFL Methodology
TEFL Scotland Ltd.
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