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**Update: My tutoring availability is for Advanced Students only.**

Over the course of my ESL teaching career, I have had the good fortune to watch many of my students go from 5 to 500 km/h in a very short time. This is the kind of mileage that cannot be attained solely through drilling, cognition, or even willpower. I have experienced the difference between a classroom that is perfunctorily listening to me with their minds, and students who are uninhibitedly listening with their hearts. When students understand that there is more to language than just grammar and memorization, they are almost always driven to surmount the technicalities to unlock what is spoken and written between the lines. When students can see reflections of themselves and their own memories and experiences in every new word presented, in every story we study, in each novel we analyze, in all concepts we examine, doors get flung wide open. Every facet of their learning experience starts to flow with greater momentum.

It begins with Seeing things in my students that perhaps nobody has ever recognized in them before, and letting them know in no uncertain terms that these qualities are special and worthy. Where words fail, there are other vehicles. The highest form of communication is not language, but Presence. A keystone for effectively teaching any language is embracing its massive global importance with simultaneous appreciation for where it’s not important at all.

I recognize the beauty of my students’ mistakes, the sincerity of their efforts, the value of their inquiries, the potency of their opinions, the grace in their conclusions, the dexterity in their discoveries. I use humor and play to spotlight the common threads that connect us all, like for example there’s a small part of all of us that wants to stay in bed on a cold winter morning or completely lose our minds when subjected to excessive triggers: They know that I know that they know that I know. Deep empathy delivered with a lightness of touch is the timeless foundation for unrelenting growth, the universal pursuit of knowledge and consummate self-actualization.


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2001 - 2005
University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachelor of Arts<br />Major in Fine Arts<br />Minor in Environmental Biology


English Teacher
Polana Private Academy - Seoul Cheongdam-dong, South Korea
• 40 hrs/wk, 27-30 teaching hrs/wk, grades 1-8, small groups, various fluency levels: • Literature-focused, critical analysis in discussion and writing. • Foundations in vocabulary, oral presentation, creative writing, test prep, textbook drills, non-fiction, listening, grammar and conversation. • Exploration of literary and film themes, metaphors and their pertinence to real life. • Guidance in finding value and personal relevance in all sides of any issue. • Introduction of cognitive tools to make connections between ideas that seem unrelated to the average observer. Encouragement of audacity to know that this ability is the very cornerstone of wisdom and one’s capacity to serve the community. • Cultivation of space for wild, uninhibited creativity that paradoxically heightens students’ understanding and acceptance of appropriate boundaries and rules. • Expansion of general and subtle language comprehension through characterization and role play with stuffed animals. • Establishment of a learning environment that is simultaneously academically stringent and intentionally playful. Development of students’ ability to balance both polarities within them: Focus begets Freedom, and Freedom begets Focus. • Continuous innovation of new ways to effectively manage classroom behavior and sustain students’ motivation and morale.
• Encouragement of group collaboration where students learn interpersonal skills and how to harness individual strengths to benefit the whole. • Equal, if not greater, recognition of students’ ability to work independently, follow their own instincts, and take personal initiative. • Valuation of not only good leadership and active output, but the need to balance it with being a deep listener and effective receiver in all situations. • Consistent celebration of students’ academic, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral achievements. • Acknowledgment of every student’s humanity, that we are not robots, that errors are valuable learning experiences. Coaching in how to override any preexisting shame patterns to access those lessons. • Research and development of curriculum materials for all levels and grades, including vocab quizzes, powerpoint presentations, grammar exercises, comprehension questions, critical thinking questions, and essay topics. • Tactical selection and composition of example scenarios, photos, videos, etc. to meet students at their level of comprehension while also broadening their awareness with contemporary interpretations of concepts they’re already familiar with.
2014 - 2014
Cresskill Public Library - ESL Tutor


2014 - 2014
TEFL - 120 Hour Master Certification