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Óscar Coronado

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Über Mich

My name is Óscar Coronado, and I am a Spanish & English teacher in a Bilingual School in Murcia, Spain. I have been teaching for a long time to children aged 6-12 years old, teenagers and adults . Also, I have been teaching Spanish to students from all around the world. In 2015, I went to the USA to teach Spanish as a Second Language, and keep working in my profesional development, as well as to achieve more experience and expertise in teaching Spanish. My vocation for teaching is the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. My lessons are focused on the achievement of Communicative Competence. Because of that, all my classes are very interactive and focused on the practice of listening and speaking. However, before starting, I always have an interview with the students to adapt my methodology and the learning contents to their needs, interests and motivations. All the learning resources are adapted for each student, always bearing in mind the different paces of work.

In addition, I am able to quickly ascertain a student's capability from a short conversation and use this to design a tailor-made plan of study. Depending on the needs of the student, this could include specific areas of grammar that need work or aspects of writing skills. As I mentioned, classes are heavily based in conversation practice and correction, with the necessary study elements taught at different points during the 60 minute talk. In this way, subjects can be covered with speed, with concise follow-up homework tasks reaffirming this knowledge gained in class - then ready for revision in the following session. My approach attempts to avoid the burden of language study with short, focused tasks as part of dynamic sessions. The combination of this with a tailor-made package of study enables the student to progress much more rapidly than in traditional group study. Furthermore, such a technique is particularly useful for online 1-on-1 learning.

Finally, I strongly believe that students need to be relaxed and enjoying themselves to get the most from sessions. I endeavour to achieve this as a teacher by ensuring a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and through this, delivering dynamic and engaging sessions, pushing the student to achieve their full potential improve rapidly.

Get in touch and we can work together to create an Individualize Learning Plan that works for you and sees you progress with speed!

Thank you for reading this introduction!


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Qualified Teacher Status
Department for Education - England
2003 - 2018
Profesional Development (2326 hours)
2004 - 2008
B.A. in Teaching, Speciality in Foreign Language: English
University of Murcia - Murcia, Spain
Teacher of Foreign Languages
2002 - 2003
Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude to Teach in Secondary Education
University of Alicante - Alicante, Spain
1996 - 2002
B.A. Law
University Cardenal Herrera-CEU - Elche, Spain
1995 - 1996
High School Diploma
Webb City High School, Missouri, USA - Missouri, USA
2010 - 0
Civil Servant Title
Spanish Government - Ministry of Education - Madrid, Spain


2008 - 2018
English & Spanish Teacher
San José Public School - Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia, Spain
2015 - 2016
Visiting teacher in the United States of America
West Liberty Elementary School District - Iowa, USA
Spanish Teacher
2013 - 0
Tutor of Students of Teaching in Practice
University of Murcia - Murcia, Spain
2013 - 0
Professional and intercultural stay in Wales, United Kingdom
Public School - Wales, United Kingdom
Job showdowing
2013 - 0
Tutor of curricular practices of the Faculty of Education
University of Murcia - Murcia, Spain
2013 - 0
Evaluation member of public examinations
Consejería de Educación de la Región de Murcia - Murcia, Spain
2012 - 0
Coordinator of curricular practices of the Faculty of Education
University of Murcia - Murcia, Spain