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You can follow me on Youtube: Shuoshuo Chinese
I want to know your story, but would you tell me ONLY in Chinese? :)
I'm Shuo, a native Chinese speaking teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I have 6 years experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and I describe myself as a "Teaching Geek" :P.
Now I'm going to get my master's degree in education from Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand.


我是一个很有趣,也很聪明的人 :P

希望很快可以见到你 :)

** I Love My Job **
I enjoy my job very much, not only because I love teaching Chinese, but because I also feel great happiness when I and my students share our outlook on life. I believe language learning happens on INTERACTION, in my class, I'd like to see you speak Chinese as much as possible (even when you are a beginner), and you will find yourself gain the ability to express EVERY thoughts ONLY in Chinese even when your vocabulary is still limited.

** My Language Learning Experience **
I’m also a language learner, now I can speak fluent English and Thai and a little bit Japanese.
So I do know how you feel when you start to learn a new language.

Almost five years ago I started to work as a Chinese teacher in a small city in Thailand where only a few people can speak any other language other than Thai. So I was kind of forced to express everything with my very limited Thai vocabulary, I made it, and I also found out a secret to learn a new language, which is, you don’t have to have a big quantity of vocabulary to express yourself, the key of communication in a second language is that you try to, or even be forced to speak as much as possible in the target language.

** The Most Tailored Class for Any Learners **
Don't be afraid if you are a beginner, I have five years of experience teaching Chinese. Most of my students were beginners, and now they can speak fluent Chinese! You will surprisingly find out how much you can express in Chinese within only a few weeks.

For intermediate learners, we will use textbooks and we will also spend a lot of time to discuss different topics, like your hobby, your work, going to the doctor, friendship, romantic relationship and everything. Before our class, I will send our topic list to you, so you can choose the topics that you are interested in.

If you already spoke Chinese fluently, i’m here waiting for you to blow my mind with Chinese. We can discuss our views on the world, on people, culture, economy, history, science and everything imaginable, I can send our topic list to you before the class if you want to prepare, or we can just talk freely in our class.
At the same time, for the advanced learners, you will learn how to speak and write like a NATIVE Chinese, so unlike for the beginners who should be encouraged to speak more, I will point out your mistakes and unnatural expression and correct you.

If you want to learn HSK, I can do HSK tutoring for any levels. If you plan to travel around China, I have my traveling course that can help you to survive. If you wanna learn Chinese characters, i also have my Chinese character course. And if you want to talk to Chinese girls or guys, you are definitely coming to the right teacher :P.

** Class Policy **
1. I will wait for my students for 20 minutes (10 minutes for the trial lesson). If the student doesn't show up in the first 20 minutes, the class ends and will be marked as finished.
2. Any cancelation of rescheduling should be done at least 12 hours before our class begin without losing any money. Cancelation within 12 hours will be charged 50% of the full price and once the class begins.


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2015 - 0
Master in Education
Assumption University - Bangkok, Thailand


2014 - 2016
Chinese Teacher
Wimol Business and Administration College - Bangkok, Thailand
2013 - 2014
Chinese Teacher
Mulan language Center - Lampang, Thailand
2015 - 0
Chinese Teacher
Oriental Culture Academy - Bangkok, Thailand


2006 - 2011
Bachelor in Clinical Medicine
Central South University - Changsha, Hunan


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