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Tatiana Vermalle

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Über Mich

Hi, my name is Tatiana. Enchantée!

I am a French citizen from the South East of France with a Bachelor degree in art and a Master degree of primary and kindergarten education in France. After traveling and volunteering in different countries in Europe, Australia or also Japan, I decided to move in Scotland two years ago , where I was working as a kindergarten teacher. Last year, I have been graduated in June with a PGDE postgraduate degree in Foreign Languages education in Glasgow University and I am a fully qualified secondary French teacher in UK!

Last year, I have been teaching full time in a kindergarten school in Edinburgh where I created a French class for all the children. My enjoyment of teaching my native language encouraged me to apply this year for a PGDE to become a qualified French teacher! I completed , to get qualified, an internship of 14 weeks to teach French full time in different scottish secondary schools and this year, I am a Secondary French teacher in a High school, where I've just been fully qualified.

I also have experience in Tutoring , as I am teaching on Verbling since last year and I am tutoring some of my actual pupils and give some French lessons for adults in Scotland.
According to my students, I am enthusiastic, patient and supportive !

I tailor the lessons to your needs and wishes. I have an “activity based” and a “communicative” approach, which make you learn a language through discussions and what interests you most of the time but also games, challenges, debates and even role playing if you wish !

First of all , we will have a conversation to getting to know you better, where I could evaluate your level and what do you wish to focus on the different skills of language according to your needs and your goals:
- Speaking , the best way to learn a language , with different topics you are interested in, using videos, films, musics, art, books, articles, etc…
- Listening and Reading to work on your pronunciation and your understanding using as many materials as you want to: musics, news, films, texts etc...
- Writing, on subjects according to your goals, to work on your grammar and vocabulary. You can choose to work on specific points with exercices or also by having fun with games and challenges , there is so many different ways to learn a language!

I am also qualified and have the experience to work with children at any level , as to prepare any exams in advanced French level.

See you soon , A bientôt !!


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2019 - 2020
PGDE French Modern Language
Glasgow University - Glasgow
A post graduate diploma focus onFrench modern language to work as a Language teacher
2015 - 2017
Master MEEF primary and kindergarten schools
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis - La Seyne sur Mer
Primary and kindergarten teacher training in France


2020 - 2021
Secondary French teacher
Galashiels Academy - Scotland
Secondary French teaching in high school
2019 - 2020
Secondary language teacher internship
Glasgow University - Glasgow
Five month of teaching the modern language curriculum in several secondary school at different levels
2018 - 2019
Nursery teacher
Early days nursery - Edinburgh
Teaching all aspects of the curriculum in a preschool class
2017 - 2018
Tutoring and office working in a secondary school
Collège Reynier - Six fours les plages
Tutoring and managing the students in a Junior high school. Helping the students in all aspects of their education scholarship , including behavior management, timetable, results and tutoring , appointement with their family.
2015 - 2017
Student professional primary teacher internship
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis - La Seyne sur mer
Internship during a few month in primary and kindergarten schools in France


2010 - 2013
Bachelor of Art
Esadtpm Beaux arts - Toulon, France
A degree focus on Art theories and practice of all kind of art, like painting, photography , sculpture etc...