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Uchenna Anochilionye

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Über Mich

My name is Uchenna Anọchilionye. I'm from Nigeria and was born in Ọnịcha (Onitsha). I'm from Idemmili, in the region of Igbo land now known as Anambra State.

I have a B.Sc in Zoology, a in Mass Communication, a TEFL certification from ITTI, and other certifications in Editing, Proofreading and Digital Marketing.

In the early nineties and as a result of the unrest in the Northern part of the country at the time, my parents thought it was best for me to go and live with my grandmother for a little while. That "little while" ended up being fifteen years! And I'm so grateful for those years because my grandmother(of blessed memory) gave me the gift of Igbo Language. In those fifteen years of living with her, she imparted me with all the informal education in the culture from folklore to proverbs to in-depth Knowledge of the language itself. I also went on to make distinction grades in the language in both primary and post-primary school levels.

In 2015 I was second runner up in the "Nwa-ada Igbo contest" , which was a voting based contest organised to assess the speaking fluency and knowledge of the participants in terms of Igbo culture and tradition, to encourage the propagation of the Language.

I grew up surrounded by now rare first edition publications of books/articles in Igbo Language,classic and timeless Igbo literature like "Isi Akwụ Dara N'Ala" and "Jụọ Obinna" by Tony Ubesie, "Ọkpa Akụ Eri Eri" by Ude Ọdịlọra to mention but a few, firsthand tales of the Biafran war,and stories of what it was like for my grandmother as a young girl growing up in the Eastern part of the country at the turn of the 19th century and the beginning of the British colonization.

From my father I learnt the rich history, culture and traditions of my people, stories of my paternal grandparents whom I never met, the years of slave trade in Igbo land and it's aftermath. Growing up in a setting wholly immersed in the Language contributed in no small measure to the well-rounded Igbo woman that I have become.

My two maternal aunts, who are both teachers, continue to mentor me to this day.

I have taught the Igbo and English Language both formally and informally over the years. But in 2015 I started to organize classes and teach passionate learners both online and in person till date.

In my spare time I love to watch food features on YouTube and read detective novels.

When I teach you the Igbo Language (Asụsụ Igbo), I will make you see the beauty of the language through my eyes. From the foundations of the language, the tones, idioms, the parts of speech, to the almighty proverbs-which are the "oil with which words are eaten", I will take you back in time to the nights on my grandmother's porch, where she always had a folktale ready for us unfailingly after dinner.

I will tailor my lessons according to your needs and work with you to achieve whatever your language learning goals are: from simple conversational Igbo, to business and everyday learning. We can even go all the way up to all round fluency for advanced learners as the case may be.

Go ahead, book a trial class with me today and get a feel of our rich language and culture through my eyes.

See you soon!


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International TEFL Training Institute - New York
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2008 - 2012
B.Sc Zoology and Environmental Biology
University of Nigeria Nsukka - Enugu State, Nigeria