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I love the Spanish language. I really enjoy sharing Colombian culture and the opportunities that my city of Medellin has to offer my students. Also, I have had the opportunity to travel too and work in several countries in Latin America and Europe. With these experiences, I have been surrounded by foreigners, understanding their cultures, adapting and learning different values and customs.

I was born and raised in Medellin. Since I was a little girl, I have loved languages, history and exploring the customs of different countries. I studied at a specialized high school with an emphasis on teacher training, so I have been in the educational world since I was a teenager. I went to University and graduated with a degree in International Business. Since my graduation, I have been teaching Spanish for over 2 years.

I describe myself as a patient person. I adapt easily to the needs of the student. I enjoy it when my students don’t just have the experience of learning Spanish language but can also see how beautiful my city, the people and the culture are. Teaching is something that I do with passion and love every day. Now I have the awesome opportunity of teaching you. I promise you that you are going to learn how to speak proper Spanish and you are going to learn a lot about Colombia in my classes!
Let's do it!


All students have different skills and learn in different ways. So for me is important in our first class to evaluate what is the best way for you to learn and to know what you want to do achieve during our classes.

I have a special program where generally I try to work with the student on different skills: grammar, writing, comprehension and speaking. Also, if you just want to focus on some of these skills, we can focus on what is most important to you. If you are a beginner student it would be good to study some grammar for understanding Spanish structure and having some survival vocabulary. If you are an intermediate student, I would suggest focusing on topics or skills that are most important to improve and learning new subjects – even having simple conversations and situational conversations useful in your daily life. If you are an advanced student, we could focus on advanced grammar and details that you could improve in pronunciation, understanding different accents or talking about complex topics. We could have conversational classes about different topics related to science, politics, technology, environment etc. It will be my pleasure to help you learning Spanish, providing you with new experiences and valuable knowledge in our lessons.

I am pretty flexible about my classes. Depending on your learning skills and your needs with Spanish. I will plan a suitable and enjoyable lesson for you. What are you waiting for? Let's talk Spanish and learn about paisa culture! (Paisa is what we call ourselves here in Medellín.)


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Latin American Spanish



2012 - 2017
International Business
Universidad de Medellin - Medellin- Colombia


2018 - 2019
Spanish teacher
Baselang - Medellin- Colombia
• Plan custom classes for foreigners • Conduct teaching classes using topics of interest such as politics, religion, science, technology, etc • Participate and plan cultural exchanges with people from different countries to practice English andSpanish
2017 - 2018
Spanish teacher University of Economic of Krakow
AIESEC - Medellin- Colombia
• Developed lesson plans and activities for teaching Spanish in individual and group classes to Polish students between the ages of 20 and 30 years old • Adjusted teaching plans and in-class interactions to match the cultural requirements and preferences of Polish students • Conducted written and oral evaluations of student learning and progress • Participated in multi-national cultural exchanges organized by AIESEC, where I represented Colombia