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Please send me a message to confirm your lesson time. I have other jobs outside Verbling and sometimes I am busy so MY VERBLING CALENDAR IS NOT ALWAYS UPDATED.

Por favor, envíame un mensaje para confirmar tu hora de clase. Tengo otros trabajos fuera de Verbling y a veces estoy ocupado por lo que MI CALENDARIO DE VERBLING NO ESTÁ SIEMPRE ACTUALIZADO.

(español abajo)
Hello, my name is Vinny. I am from Wisconsin in the United States. I have been learning and teaching languages for over 10 years. I developed and created the AnkiMaster system for language learning.

During my time traveling as a teacher, I studied Thai, Japanese and Spanish using the unconventional techniques I learned from polyglots on the Internet.

You know you need a change if you use English for your job and experience some of these problems:

📉 Your English is affecting your performance at work.
❌You are unaware of your mistakes when speaking English and nobody corrects you
😬You feel challenged when talking to customers and colleagues and are not able to express yourself as quickly, effectively and eloquently as you would like to
😨You are afraid to admit that you don't always understand 100%.

You know that if you don't do something you will keep making the same mistakes over and over again ingraining them even more which will only be harder to fix later. If you don't change, you won't be able to progress in your career or even miss out on future career opportunities. You won't be able to provide for your family in the best possible way or grow to the next level.

Rest assured that you are not alone.

With my help you will be able to significantly improve your English communication skills,

✔️You will be aware of your mistakes and you will be able to self-correct.
👍You will have a large vocabulary that will allow you to understand native speakers without difficulty.
😃You will be able to express yourself clearly, confidently, effectively and eloquently impressing your clients and colleagues.

My program is specially designed for people who want to accelerate their learning using technology.

With my program, you will have everything you need to.

🤩Impress your clients and colleagues with superior English communication skills.
🏆Secure promotions and future career opportunities.
💲Maximize your earning potential so you can have the financial freedom you've always dreamed of.

If this sounds interesting to you, send me a DM - I look forward to working with you!

Hola. Me llamo Vinny. Soy de Wisconsin en los Estados Unidos. Llevo más de 10 años aprendiendo y enseñando idiomas. He desarrollado y creado el sistema AnkiMaster para el aprendizaje de idiomas.

Durante el tiempo que viajé como profesor, estudié tailandés, japonés y español utilizando las técnicas no convencionales que aprendí de los políglotas en Internet.

Sabes que necesitas un cambio si usas inglés en tu trabajo y experimentas algunos de estos problemas:

📉 Tu inglés está afectando a tu rendimiento en tu trabajo
❌No eres consciente de cuando te equivocas y nadie te corrige
😬Te sientes desafiado cuando hablas con clientes y compañeros y no eres capaz de expresarte con la rapidez, eficacia y elocuencia que te gustaría
😨Tienes miedo de admitir que no siempre entiendes al 100%

Sabes que si no haces algo seguirás cometiendo los mismos errores una y otra vez, arraigándolos aún más, lo cual sólo será más difícil de solucionar después. Si no cambias, no podrás progresar en tu carrera o incluso perderás futuras oportunidades profesionales. No podrás mantener a tu familia de la mejor manera posible ni crecerás hasta el siguiente nivel.

Ten la seguridad de que no estás solo.

Con mi ayuda podrás mejorar significativamente tus habilidades comunicativas en inglés,

✔️Serás consciente de cuando cometes errores y te autocorregirás.
👍Tendrás un amplio vocabulario que te permitirá entender a los hablantes nativos sin dificultad
😃Serás capaz de expresarte con claridad, confianza, eficacia y elocuencia impresionando a tus clientes y colegas.

Mi programa está especialmente diseñado para personas que quieren acelerar su aprendizaje utilizando la tecnología.

Con mi programa, tendrás todo lo que necesitas para

🤩Impresionar a tus clientes y colegas con habilidades superiores de comunicación en inglés
🏆Asegurar los ascensos y las futuras oportunidades profesionales
💲Maximizar tu potencial de ingresos para que puedas tener la libertad financiera que siempre has soñado

Si esto te parece interesante, envíame un DM. ¡Estoy deseando trabajar contigo!
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American English



2006 - 2010
Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV/Film and Asian Studies
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Focus on educational video, especially documentaries about travel and culture


Independent Online English Tutor
Teach adult students through video lessons; Create personalized curricula and learning materials for all my students -Track students' progress and plan for their continuous improvement
2015 - 2015
English Teacher
Tamwood International - Whistler, B.C. CANADA
Taught English to Japanese middle-school students for short-term summer English camp; Designed entertaining games and activities tailored to my students background and English level
2013 - 2014
English Teacher
Interac America - Hiroshima, Japan
Taught English to elementary and junior high school students in public schools; Created and designed new curriculum for all of my elementary school students; Managed and tracked the progress of over 20 different classes at 8 different schools
2012 - 2012
English Teacher
Sasang-gu Global Acadamy - Busan South Korea
Designed lesson plans and created original learning materials; Taught other subjects in English including math, science, and cooking
2010 - 2011
English Teacher
Various schools and Employers - Bangkok Thailand
Worked as a private tutor for Buddhist monks; Also worked short contracts teaching English at several elementary schools in the greater Bangkok area
2016 - 0
Online English Tutor and Website Administrator - online
Created a comprehensive English speed-learning program based on the self-study habits of polyglots; Write and edit online learning resources and content; Provide study guidance and advice; Manage students' digital flashcard systems; Develop and test new methodology


2012 - 2012
TEFL Certification
International TEFL Teacher Training - online


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