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Yi-Cheng Li

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Über Mich

⭐ If this is your first lesson with me, please send me a message including the answers for the questions below. Please do so at least 3 days before your preferred schedule time. :)

1.Your Mandarin learning experience (level / how long have you learned)
2. Have you learned Pinyin?
3. Want to focus on speaking / grammar or Let teacher plan you
=>if you're sure, share with me about what's your PURPOSE of learning Mandarin can be helpful as well!
4. In materials, when there's Mandarin characters, do you want simplified or traditional ones?
5. topics you want to talk/learn about?

🔺 REMINDER 1 for every student: Please let me know if you have specific topics you want to talk about or learn at least 3 days before the scheduled time. It will allow me to search, prepare and customize the material for you besides spending time for supporting my other current students.

It doesn't mean I need whole 3 days, but I also want to spend time taking care of my other students.

⭐ Important note: I may not be the best teacher to teach you a specific topic or with the textbook you want to learn from. I will tell you honestly that I believe there are teachers who are more suitable for those topics or textbook-based materials. So that you don't feel like you waste your time and money on me :)

⭐ Friendly reminder: ⭐
🔺*No rescheduling nor cancelation within less than 24 hours in advance before the scheduled time. Please still pay for the whole lesson, since the teacher already saved that time slot for the student due to their original request.

🔺I will wait for each lesson even if student's late. If student joins before class ends, we will have the lesson during the remaining minutes. It will not prolong to make up for student being late. (Late for class or absent completely still pay for the whole lesson.)

🔺*If you REALLY have special reasons for not being able to make it for the class (and it's less than 24 hours before the lesson starts), please let the teacher knows ASAP. (🔺ps. It doesn't mean our side needs to accept, since overall it doesn't give us enough time to re-open the time slot and allow other students to book it.) , but please notify the teacher ASAP in advance.

Everyone's time is precious, so let's respect each other's.
\\ ABOUT ME // :

I'm a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan. I have more than 7 years of teaching experiences. Over 5 for Mandarin teaching online and the other over 2 for English experience at children English cram school in Taiwan.

⭐ My expertise and focus are helping my students learn useful speaking skills, sentences, grammar, and vocabulary they need and want through talking about different topics in Mandarin. Through the process, both my student and I can figure out what are the words, grammar points or sentence patterns they haven’t gotten and need to add into their mandarin database for their Mandarin conversational skill.

⭐ No worries if you’re a beginner, or if you don't know what exactly you want or need to learn. Let me know what you current situation is in advance, and I will prepare something for you for the first lesson and we can adjust from there.

⭐ Knowing your PURPOSE of learning Mandarin can help me prepare something even more suitable for you in advance though!!

No matter you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, either you have topics you’re interested in talking and learning about, or you prefer I customize it out for you in advance, both work!

I believe every single person has their own way of learning. And my job is helping them with the suitable way for them. So let me know if you have any specific topics that you're interested in before you book the lessons. (REMINDER 1 above)


⭐ * Service, support and rate will be adjusted at least once a year with my new gained experiences, and even more credential in the future. ⭐
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✦Take a trial lesson with me and start learning right away!

✦Your customized material will be again adjusted after the trial lesson according to the 30 mins trial!
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2011 - 2013
English college of Foreign Languages
National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology - Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Focus on foreign language learning, mainly English


2017 - 0
Mandarin online teacher/ tutor
online - from home, Taiwan
Teaching adults and children Mandarin & English according to their levels and preferences


2014 - 2017
Children's English Education
Joy Enterprises Organization & KidCastle English Cram School - Taiwan
Focus on how to teach EFL children English


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