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Homographs in Yoruba (One word, Six Meaning)

7 months ago
Homographs are words that are spelled the same but differ in meaning, derivation, or pronunciation. Most words in Yoruba language has more than one meaning and a times, are pronounced almost the same way. For instance, the word "Ogun" can be pronounced in more than six ways and in each case, the meaning differs.
Let's take a look at them:
Ogun - War
Ogun - 20
Ogun - Inheritance
Ogun - Medicine
Ogun - god of thunder
Ogun - a state in Nigeria.

How to differentiate depends on the contextual use and the do-re-mi accent placed on top of the words. Though 20 and inheritance has exactly same pronunciation and accents, that's the main reason contextual meaning is needed to understand the real meaning of homographs.