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Introducing: New Teacher Rating System

3 years ago
With the previous rating system, nearly everyone had 5 stars. Teachers found it difficult to make their profiles stand out, and students found it difficult to select a reliable teacher based on ratings alone. Many students reported feeling pressure to always give 5-star ratings as their names were publicly tied to the rating.

Based on student feedback, teacher feedback, and our own research, we’ve designed a new teacher rating system on Verbling with the aim of solving these problems.

What’s different?
  • Star ratings are now anonymous
  • Comments are public (not anonymous) and are listed separately from ratings
  • Teachers receive compliments, that is, points or kudos in areas where they excel
Here’s how it looks. First, students will be shown this screen:

Students are prompted to rate audio quality, video quality, and teacher separately. Audio and video ratings are shared with Verbling only. Teacher ratings are shown on a teacher’s profile, but they are anonymous. That means that the student’s name will not be shown. These 3 ratings are required.

If a student rates a teacher with 1-3 stars, an option to send the teacher direct, private feedback about the rating will be shown:

Students may choose to leave a comment. Comments are publicly shared on a teacher’s profile, along with the student’s name. Comments are optional.

Next, students will see this screen:

Students will have the opportunity to add a compliment, that is, to give a teacher credit for something they specialize in or do particularly well. This is optional.

On teacher profiles, ratings will now show compliments, average stars, # of ratings and # of students, and comments from students, like so: