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"Talking Tunes" YouTube Vlog Series ~ Learn English With Music!! 😄 🎧 🎞️ 📺 🎆

3 years ago
Heya everyone!

I’m a Verbling English conversation teacher, and I’ve just created my first YouTube channel all about music and English-speaking culture! 📻 🎉

The first series on my channel is called “Talking Tunes” ~ a short and sweet vlog about anything music! You’ll get energetic and bright top hits from the most famous artists in each decade of Western music! Plus cosmic A1 slang, colloquialisms, and trivia on Americana, star movies, popular TV shows, and funny and witty comic strips second-to-none. 🎬 🎼 🗞️ 🎧

I believe that a HUGE part of learning a new language is learning about the culture, too. And luckily, a vital part of almost every culture is music. I think that listening to music is the best way to get into a culture! 🎞️ 🎼 🎆 🎶

And there’s more! Connotations, colloquialisms, and slang are hard things to get a handle on when learning English... and here music comes to the rescue again! Listen to music to catch and hear examples of connotations, colloquialisms, and, above all, slang. In “Talking Tunes”, I present you with all the best examples! 🎶 🎆

I would love for you to pop on over to my channel, Dixie Day at YouTube, and take a look at “Talking Tunes”! And please drop any of your tips, kudos, and feedback into the comments. 📨🎶
Click here to watch my latest YouTube video, and click here to go check out my channel and subscribe! 📻 🎉 🎆