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What do you do when you're waiting for someone to arrive or something to happen?

4 years ago

This isn't a serious question, it's meant to be a fun discussion for both teachers and students. How do you pass the time when you're waiting for someone to arrive or for something to happen?

I ask this because I've had some experiences where I was waiting a long time for a student to make an appearance. After messaging them and then reviewing my lesson plan for the umpteenth time, I found myself doodling things on a scrap piece of paper. On another occasion, I looked out my window and watched the bees landing on flowers in my garden. The sound that announces the arrival of a student to a class was like a doorbell awakening me from my reveries.

The fact is waiting is something that everyone has to experience in their lives. Are you more productive with this time? What do you do when YOU are waiting? :)