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Ciao Globe !

I am Federica, I am Italian and I have been teaching for more then 8 years. I have a degree in Educational Sciences, a Master in human rights and international cooperation and I degree to teach Italian as a second language. I was teaching for many years in different countries (in order) in: Italy, Spain, England, Turkey and Colombia. I worked in public schools, private schools, in an Italian culture institute, as a freelance. My students were different subjects : children, adults and professional people. The teacher I become now its only because I met so many students all around the world. I realized we are all similar and, more the cultures/languages, aparently, are different from our own background more we will learn each other. The teacher and person who I am right now it's because all the students around the world I met. Teaching in different countries and learning new languages made me a really empatethic person and really in love with my mother tongue.

In 2017 I started to teach online because I think this is the best method to learn languages and the best method to me to express all my knowledge I know about the Italian language: grammar rules, society, meaning and food importance, explain the Italian thinking way.....!!!

In my opinion learning new languages also means understand the society, the culture, the thinking way of the new language like to be a really Italian citizen...discovering the new language from real live situations.

So, what I can offering to you ?
Of corse the Italian grammar rules but also:

1) speaking and discussing togheter some interesting newsmagazine articles; 2) listening and talking about new and interesting Italian songs (we still have it); 3) discovering and learning the grandmother's recipes; 4) discovering b e a u t i f u l and not turistic places.

We are always learning new things in our life and to do that we just have to TRUST OUR SELF and start/do it !!

Grazie, Vi aspetto GLOBE :))))

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2007 - 2009
Degree in Teaching
University of Urbino - Urbino
Teaching subjects
2005 - 2006
MA in Human Rights
University of Bologna - Bologna
International Co-operation, Human Rights, Conflicts Resolution
1994 - 2000
Degree in Educational Sciences
University of Bologna - Bologna
Pedagogy, Antropologhy, Phiscology, Philosophy, Human Rights

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

2014 - 2016
Italian teacher
Istituto Leonardo da Vinci - Bogota' Colombia
Italian teacher
2013 - 2014
Italian teacher
Soure di Carita' and Italian culture institute - Izmir Turkey
Italian teacher with students with different nationalities
2012 - 2013
Sustainable Teacher
CanNova - Ecoworking - Barcelona
Organizing courses like sustainable teacher in Spanish and Italian
2010 - 2012
Italian and English Teacher
Minister of Italian Education - Italy
Italian and English teacher
2009 - 2010
Italian and English Teacher
CPI CRUCE, Spanish public school - A Coruna, Spain
Italian and English assistant

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