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Minjian Liu

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Nice to meet you here !
I am Teacher Minjian. I come from China’s capital Beijing. I have achieved my Education Master Degree in Beijing Normal University.
I teach international students in Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Jiaotong University.
I also teach middle school international students and foreigners who live and work in Beijing.
I have been a Chinese language and culture teacher for more than seven years, and I have taught hundreds of students in China and abroad , online and offline.
I can teach Chinese Proficiency Test Courses(HSK Standard Courses), New-concept Chinese Courses, Useful Spoken Chinese Courses, Business and Economic Chinese Courses, History and Culture Chinese courses ,Comprehensive Understanding China Courses.
I can also provide you with Customized Chinese Courses which is based on your real need.
I can give you more abundant learning materials which include elaborately selected words, thoughtful intensive reading , hot topics discussion and interesting short videos.
I can make the online class more advanced with high technology which can make you feel that it just happens in a real classroom. I can record the most important parts of our class and make it into a well-designed short video to help you review after class.
I can also give real time teaching service for free WeChat to answer any questions you have timely. If you have a chance to travel China, we can meet in Beijing and have a talk.
Finally, teaching can boost learning and learning can also boost teaching.I hope we can establish a good relationship during our teaching and learning.
As Confucius said" Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope.Hope breeds peace." Let's find the inner peace together through learning Chinese language and culture. I am looking forward to seeing you here.

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2013 - 2016
Education Master Degree
Beijing Normal University - Beijing
Learn foreign countries' education and learn to teach
2009 - 2013
Psychology Bachelor Degree
Qufu Normal University - Qufu, Shandong Province
Learn Psychology and got a liberal arts training

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

Chinese Teacher for Kids
VIPKID COMPANY, Inc - Beijing, China
I work as a part-time Chinese language and culture teacher in VIPKID company, Beijing. I help the company design Childrens' Chinese learning textbooks, and I also teach foreign kids whose age are usually below 10 online. I have taught dozens of kid students since 2017. I developed lots of methods to teach kis learn Chinese well and I enjoy teaching kids learn Chinese very much.
2017 - 2017
Chinese language and culture teacher
Youth for Understanding, China - Beijing
Teach high school international exchanged students Chinese language and culture
2014 - 0
Chinese language and culture teacher
Sinology Institute - Beijing
Teach foreign employees and managers who work in China Chinese language and culture
2014 - 0
Chinese language and culture teacher
Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Jiaotong University - Beijing
The former experience of teaching international students can make me more adept at teaching students on Verbling

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