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With over 14 years of experience, I will improve your confidence, you'll express yourself more easily, use descriptive vocabulary, and learn several more skills, all in a stimulating and inspiring way!

- Do you have that strong desire to speak English with assurance and fluency - both in everyday life or in your business?

- Are your current English skills holding you back from advancing in your work and/or your goals?

- Do you know what you want to say and how you feel, but you just can't find the proper words to use?

***I can help you DEcrease the frustration and disappointment, and will INcrease your skills and self-confidence with every lesson.***

- Specialized In The Following Areas:

* 'Only' - Intermediate Levels, Advanced Levels, & Business English.

- Business Vocabulary
- Business Conversations/Greetings/Introductions
- Business Emails - How to Write and Common Mistakes
- Business Presentations
- Phone Calls & Expressions
- Customer Relations
- Job Interviews
- Business Grammar
- Corporate Expressions & Buzzwords
- Writing, Editing, Proofreading

* Oral/Conversational English

- Expressing Yourself More Easily
- Building Confidence
- Pronunciation and Intonation
- American English vs British English

* English Idioms & Slang – For business and everyday use.

***The last item above is VERY interesting and necessary!
It is such an important AND common aspect of the English language many people under-appreciate.
You will impress your western friends and business partners if you learn these!!! ***

*Business English -

- General Business English (listed above)
- Hospitality
- Customer Service
- Travel & Tourism

Please carefully review the list above, and if there is any style, topic, or level of English you need to help reach your goals, we will work together to make it happen!

***I have also been a Professional Writer, Editor, and Proofreader.
So if you need help with essays, articles, or any type of written
content, my experience will be very beneficial to you.

*Hobbies & Interests:

- Travel, Cultures, Music & Musical Instruments, Photography & Videography, All Sports, Entertainment, International Cuisine, Wildlife & Nature, Hiking, Fitness & Health, Reading & Writing, Current Events.

If there is anything in that list that also might interest you, and/or if you have similar interests, we can also include English practices with your topic/s of choice.

I would love to hear about YOUR hobbies and interests!

I was born in Canada, grew up in New Zealand, studied in university in the USA, and I have been living AND teaching English in Asia for 14 years.

I have been a resident of 8 countries - Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Bermuda, and Thailand.

I am very passionate and motivated to help you, because I want to see YOU be successful in everything you do.

I am a very patient, understanding, and considerate teacher.
I will not make you feel nervous at all.
Instead, you will feel very comfortable and relaxed, but also - inspired!

You will never have to worry about making any mistakes, as I will be there to help and guide you along the way.

***My goal is to help you reach YOUR goals!***

Thank you for visiting my profile and I hope to see you soon!

Warm wishes,

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Curriculum Vitae


1978 - 1982
B.A - Sociology
San Diego State University - San Diego, CA
Focus on Public Relations

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

1994 - 2016
Professional Writer, Editor and Proofreader
* Freelance - Worldwide
- Over 23 years of experience in corporate markets: Corporate and Govt. documents, travel brochures, magazine and website articles, students essays and theses. (These skills have been a valuable and advantageous component, that considerably complemented the writing aspects of the students’ lessons).
1995 - 2016
Hospitality & Customer Service Trainer (Corporate and Small Business)
* Marriott Hotels/Corporation - California, United States, Southeast Asia
- Instructed varied age groups and professional backgrounds, entailing the hospitality, customer service, travel/tourism, and social etiquette fields. This aptitude is a beneficial extension of teaching, as it provides tools for appropriate interaction in a casual and/or professional service environment. Ÿ - Proficient with communicating and interacting with audiences of multi- cultural ethnicities.
2002 - 2016
* Private 1 on 1 Online and Classroom Tutoring for Business Professionals in Multiple Industries
Online - Worldwide, Classroom - Southeast Asia
*** Captivated students’ attention by teaching lessons using energizing and entertaining techniques to enhance retention and sustain interest. *** Enhanced learning aptitudes and fostered assertiveness in students aspiring to enter business industries, by incorporating lessons based on relative scenarios in which they would experience in said market/s. (Job interview, emails, company policies, customer service, etiquette). *** Designed relaxed yet effective role-playing sessions inside and outside the classroom. This introduced students on how to practice English in real-world situations.
2002 - 2015
English Tutor: * Police & Immigration Depts. and Government Offices.
Malaysia, Thailand
2002 - 2014
English Tutor: * Marriott and Hyatt Resorts & Spas
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
2002 - 2012
* TEFL / TESOL Trainer
Phuket, Thailand


2002 - 2002
TEFL / TESOL (Grade A)
Tefl Teacher Training Language School (Authorized by the Royal Thai Ministry of Education) - Phuket, Thailand
1995 - 1995
Marriott Corporation Hospitality Award Winner and Corporate Certification
Marriott Corporation/Hotels, Spas & Resorts - California, United States

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