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Hello! I’m Akari.
I'm Japanese Language Teacher and Tour Guide live in Kyoto, Japan.
Let's learn new culture, history, values, and language itself together!

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I like traveling. I have traveled to over fifteen countries, Australia, Fiji, US, NZ, Thailand, Singapore, Greece, The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Canada. I enjoy meeting people and seeing beautiful landscapes.

For over two years, I've worked in Canada, and in January 2015, I came back to Japan.

I've worked in the tourism industry, so I'm good at making trip plan. I had lived in Tokyo and Kyoto, and Hiroshima, and I'm in Kyoto again, so I can advise you where to go in Japan.

In my lessons, we can use my online textbooks, video, and audio materials.

I'd like to exchange knowledge, not only teaching language.
I get some new information from each lessons, and I'd also want to give you new, fun information.
I believe one of the great things about learning a new language is it is like opening a door to a new world.

I'm looking forward to talking to you :)

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Kyoto Ben
Standard Japanese

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2000 - 2004
J.F. Oberlin University
International Studies B.A

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2013 - 2015
Japanese Speaking Tour GuidePEI Select Tours
Introducing beauty of Prince Edward Island for Japanese tourists.
2014 - 2014
Freelance WriterKumamoto Nichinich Newspaper
Writing a seasonal report "Report from Prince Edward Island". Introducing peaceful lifestyle of PEI, Canada to Kumamoto, Japan.
2012 - 2012
Program Coordinating Staff"Ship for World Youth Program" Cabinet office, Government of Japan
I am honoured to be a staff of the Ship for World Youth family, having been a member of SWY24 which sailed from Tokyo to Sri Lanka, India, and Singapore during January- March 2012. SWY is an international programme sponsored by the Japanese government to foster understanding and goodwill among young people across many nations. SWY24 included around 260 youth from 14 participating countries.
2011 - 2011
Program Coordinating Staff"Ship for South East Asia Youth Program" Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
I am honoured to be a staff of the Ship for South East Asia Youth family, having been a member of SSEAYP which sailed from Tokyo to Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, ad Vietnam, during October- December 2011. SSEAYP is an international programme sponsored by the Japanese government to foster understanding and goodwill among young people across ASEAN countries and Japan. SSEAYP38 included around 328 youth from 11 participating countries.
2009 - 2009
Sales/ Japanese Culture Experiences Coordinator, WAK Japan
worked unique travel company which provide Japanese traditional experiences like tea ceremony, Japanese flower arrangement, Japanese cooking, and Japanese drams.
2005 - 2005
Los Angeles Home Stay Program Tour Escort, International Studies Abroad[
Escort about thirty junior high, and high school students from Okinawa, Japan to Los Angeles for Home Stay Program for a month during summer vacation season for students. It was pleasure to see students who couldn't speak English at all turn to be talkative, and confident.
2001 - 2002
Journalist Assistant, NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
When I was university student, I got a chance to work for NHK, one of the biggest TV station in Japan. I was working as a Journalist Assistant in International Section, press room.
2014 - 0
Japanese Language Tutor on Verbling
I enjoy teaching Japanese, and talking to people from all over the world!


2016 - 2016
A training course for teaching Japanese as a foreign language
The World Japanese Language Center - NSW, Australia
2012 - 2012
Tour Conducting Association in Japan
Certificate of Tour Escort
2005 - 2006
Japanese Language Teachers Training Course

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