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Álvaro García Barbón

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My name is Álvaro. I'm 32 years old and I'm a certified Spanish teacher with broad experience teaching online, in educational centres, as well as working in international companies across Europe.

🔥 But, do you know what GRINDS MY GEARS?

Hiring a teacher and enjoying the lesson only to see them VANISH until I hire them anew.

I need to learn the language around the clock, yet my teacher is only there for a fraction of that time. Which is understandable, but... insufficient.

As a language learner, I know how much it matters to have someone knowledgeable by my side.

👀 That's why I offer something DIFFERENT.

As soon as you become my student, you can expect to have a great teacher... and a committed coach! Yes - lessons are key to developing your Spanish-speaking skills, but so is self-study and having your doubts promptly solved.

I strongly believe that learning happens over 24 hours a day. And that's why I care A LOT about whatever it is that you do to work on your Spanish, even weeks after our last lesson.

Now, you may be wondering...

👬 What can I help you THE MOST with?

- Adopting a natural, comfortable Spanish ACCENT.
- Understading GRAMMAR deeply and using it proficiently.
- Finding the VOCABULARY that you are craving for.
- Defining your very own LEARNING PATH.
- PASSING certification exams.
- Helping your mastery of Spanish SHOW.
- ASSESSING your techniques and iterating on them.
- DIVING into Spanish by providing you with resources (YT channels, TV programs, podcasts, reading recomendations, etc.).

I have delved into all of these topics with previous students and I have always had spectacular results, regardless of their native tongue, priorities, or lesson type.

Shall I mention a few of them?

👨‍⚖️ BENJAMIN (US) was stuck in an intermediate level of Spanish with a great vocabulary background, but he struggled to speak fluently and doubted himself. After a few months, he became much more confident and conversations flowed.

👨‍✈️ ISRAEL (Spain) asked me to help him sound great in English with a few days notice in preparation for a job interview. We worked on key grammar blocks as well as on his glaring pronunciation issues and... he got the job!

👨‍💻 MATTHEW (UK) used to spend his holidays in Spain. He was frustrated because, while his theoretical knowledge of Spanish was really good, in practice he would stutter and avoid conversation at all costs. He picked me to help him prepare his spoken Spanish for his next trip, and eventually became the most skilled student I have ever had.

🤼‍♂️ ALEX (UK) had never in his life tried to learn a foreign language, until he fell in love. We had to work through some basic linguistics ideas and concepts, and did he love it. After that, we set up a software to learn vocabulary and started working on his Spanish on a daily basis. He can now communicate in his trips to see his girlfriend!

👨‍🏫 PATRICIA (US) noticed the increasing importance of being able to speak Spanish even in her own country. She secretly started taking lessons with me and putting her learning to the test with Spanish-speakers in her city. We are still looking forward to her 'language reveal' at a family gathering!

Now, are we a MATCH?

I focus on adults with an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish. If you belong to one of these groups, I usually recommend 2 or 3 weekly lessons for optimal results.

If you are in doubt about whether my classes are a good idea for your specific profile, ask me directly and I will give you my honest opinion.

Muchas gracias por leer y que pases un feliz día.

¡Nos vemos pronto! :)

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Curriculum Vitae


2019 - 2020
Master's Degree in Language Teaching
Universidad Internacional de Valencia - Valencia, Spain
2007 - 2011
Translation and Interpreting for Spanish, English, and German
Universidad de Salamanca - Salamanca, Spain
Focus in language learning and audiovisual translation

briefcaseExperiencia profesional

2015 - 2019
Content Creator at Aprendizaje SL
Independent - Xixón (Asturies), Spain
Thorough study of English and Spanish languages, content creation for language learning, basic and advanced-level English teaching, etc.
2017 - 2018
Amazon - Ireland
Proofreading content, sending out mass communications, and creating alternative workflows.
2014 - 2015
Spanish Editor and Project Manager
[Publishing company] - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Post-editing, managing projects, dealing with translation software, databases, and translation memories, translating from English into Spanish, testing vehicle apps, etc.
2012 - 2014
Spanish Translator
Nintendo of Europe - Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Translating manuals, legal documentation, and in-game text from several European languages into Spanish with great attention to detail.
2011 - 2012
Lead Linguistic Games Tester
U-TRAX MultiMedia Localisations B.V. - Utrecht, Netherlands
Proofreading of in-game text for vocabulary, context, or grammar issues. Testing of technical features for several devices.
2010 - 2011
Guardia Civil (Spanish Police) - Salamanca, Spain
Translation of confidential documents from Dutch and German into Spanish


2016 - 2016
Master Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
TEFL FullCircle - Online
Principles of teaching and learning, teaching English to young learners, managing the classroom, teaching listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and writing skills.
2016 - 2016
Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
TEFL FullCircle - Online
Principles of teaching and learning, managing the classroom, teaching listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and writing skills.
2003 - 2008
English Higher Cycle Proficiency Certificate
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Official School of Languages) - Mieres (Asturies), España
Focus in English language

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