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✓ Let's talk about history, culture and business 🏛️🚀
✓ Native Speaker 🇩🇪
✓ Professional & Certified Teacher A1-C2
✓ I cover business german & culture/ history and prepare every lesson extensively. You'll get a lesson plan and we'll make this as interesting and exciting as it gets, tailored to YOUR needs so you learn german FAST

✓ I Give You Qualified Feedback so you get RESULTS
✓ Improve Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronounciation
✓ I can't work with everybody who applies but book a trial and we see if it makes sense to work together

✓ 4 Years Of Teaching Experiences
✓ Familiar With Both Basic And Advanced German
✓ Have Been Working With 550+ Students From All Over The World

Hello, Guten Tag
My name is Robin. I'm from Germany.
Thanks for checking out my page. The question you have probably on your mind right now is how is this german teacher different from all the other ones and can he help me to get to where I need to be?

First of all (before I list some facts) let me tell you this: Learning german is fun! You should never be discouraged or think it's difficult. My job as a teacher is to make the lessons interesting and easy to comprehend so you can ENJOY the journey.

You will learn the most POWERFUL and ELOQUENT language (at least in my opinion ;)) and we will talk about topics YOU are interested in. No matter if it's Goethe, Nietsche, Kant or the national soccer team :) What are you interested in? And what would make it interesting and compelling for you to learn german?

So don't stress about how to go about it, lesson plans, grammar,...
Let me take care of that. I'll make sure that we put together a lesson plan you feel excited about and it is also my job to ensure that you will make progress. Feedback is always welcome.

A bit more about myself:
I am a full-time German teacher. I taught German 1on1 to over 550+ people from different countries. Prior to that, I went to College to get my Bachelors degree. Also, I worked with one of the biggest online language learning platforms.

I design each class specifically according to your needs. If you have any questions regarding my teaching style please reach out to me.
Or you can book a trial class so I can find out what is most important to you. Let's find an approach for our classes together!

The most important thing in learning a language is quality Feedback. You have to know what EXACTLY you can improve in terms of WORTSCHATZ (vocabulary), Grammatik (grammar) and Aussprache (pronounciation). After each session with me you know what you did well and what you can improve.

I've had many successful students over the past years because they had a steady learning curve and knew what to work on.

I have taught beginners and advanced people in german. I start with them at their level and then we continue as fast or as slow as we need to be.

I am always open for Feedback and improvements. In the end these lessons are for you.

I can't take everybody who applies mainly because of limited time and it has to be the right fit. But if you are interested in learning German and making serious progress --> get on a trial lesson and we find out if it makes sense to work together

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